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European EMC Products offer full turnkey, integrated engineering solutions to all of our clients.

European EMC Products offer full turnkey, integrated engineering solutions to all of our clients. With all operations centred at one location, the logistics of co-ordinating and consolidating a project becomes much more simplified. We are therefore ideally positioned to amalgamate all individual EEP specialist elements into one package.

The benefits gained by this approach are:

  • Reduced client project management time

  • Cost optimisation

  • Better client / contractor cooperation and understanding

  • Easier communication

To detail the usefulness of this approach our healthcare projects, particularly our installations for large National Health Service Hospitals, cover the full spectrum as they include:

  • MRI Rooms – Complete installation of the Faraday Cage, Helium Quench Pipe, Magnetic Field Shielding, Silentlite® Dimmable LED Lighting Systems and Fully Fitted Out Interiors, Medical Gasses, Power and Data Lines, etc…

  • Medical Imaging Suites - PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and PET/CT Scanner Radiation Shielding Installations.

  • MRI Quench Pipe System – Complete from the MRI scanner to the external vent.

  • Radiotherapy Treatment Facilities – Radiation shielding installations including Linear Accelerator (Linac) Bunkers.


MRI Shielded Rooms - Faraday Cages

European EMC Products provide Radio Frequency (RF) shielding for MRI examination rooms in the form of a Faraday Cage. These Faraday Cages cover the requirements of all the major MRI scanner manufacturers such as Siemens, Philips Medical, General Electric and Toshiba.

more about MRI Shielded Rooms - Faraday Cages

MRI Quench Pipes

Helium Quench Pipes form a crucial part of any super conducting MRI scanner installation. At European EMC Products we are well versed with the cryogenic engineering practices required to cope with the physical impact on the MRI Quench Pipe system that a helium discharge produces.
more about
MRI Quench Pipes

MRI Magnetic Field Shielding

MRI MAGNETIC FIELD SHIELDING - Shielding against magnetic fields is crucial in any MRI installation for the safety of people, the MRI scanner itself, and other medical equipment in the surrounding area. Magnetic fields are generated by permanent magnets, electromagnets, electric motors, electrical distribution systems and MRI Scanners. When these magnetic fields need to be contained or controlled, European EMC Products can design and install shielding.
more about MRI Magnetic Field Shielding

MRI Shielded Doors

The MRI Shielded Door is the most important part of any MRI Shielded Room therefore the design and quality of the construction is essential.

more about MRI Shielded Doors

IONISING RADIATION SHIELDING - The radiation shielding we undertake involves the use of lead (lead shielding) or other high density material to shield against neutrons and ionising radiation within areas such as Fluoroscopy. This involves constructing walls, floors, service penetrations and doors with lead lining. Windows and static or movable viewing screens get fitted with a special lead oxide glass. Additional requirements, such as fire and acoustic ratings, can be included. We are also able to supply individual components such as radiation shielded doors and windows for installation by third parties.

more about Ionising Radiation Shielding

Load Bearing Ceilings are heavy duty steel 'Unistrut' type channels which are suspended from the host building's ceiling in order to carry moving medical equipment such as Fluoroscopy Units, X-Ray and Ultrasound Imaging Equipment. We design our Load Bearing Ceilings to cope with the very high loads with minimal deflection or movement.

Load Bearing Ceilings - Unistrut Ceilings - Load Bearing Unistrut Ceilings - European EMC Products (

SILENTNITE® Virtual Skylites wall Panels

SILENTLITE® high definition image Virtual Skylites and Wall Panels can be installed in treatment areas such as MRI Rooms and their overall aim is to provide a focal point, and therefore more calming environment, to the patient whilst they undergo their procedure.

more about SILENTNITE
® Virtual Skylites wall Panels

EEP are fully conversant with the site requirements required by all of the major MRI scanner manufacturers and offer a full consultancy service to architects, designers and construction companies alike.

Post installation, and prior to the MRI scanner installation, EEP are able to carry out Shielding Effectiveness (SE) Testing and Earth Isolation Measurement Testing on the constructed Shielded Room.

In many locations the MRI scanners magnetic field can extend into public areas unless shielding is in place. Shielding Effectiveness Testing of this magnetic field must be carried out post installation of the scanner.


European EMC Products provide Consultants, Contractors, Architects and Quantity Surveyors with impartial advice relating to the safety, operation, shielding and monitoring requirements associated with civil, defence and medical projects. Areas include: Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Electrical Distribution Systems, Radiotherapy Treatment, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine.

Our experience and understanding of the science of shielding makes us an ideal partner in whom you can place your trust with confidence.

To find out more about any of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or call us on +44 (0)1799 523 073

European EMC Products Ltd
Units 7-9 Saffron Business Centre
Elizabeth Close
Saffron Walden
CB10 2NL

Tel:    +44 (0)1799 523 073






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