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Window Protection Film From Durable Ltd

We make existing architectural glass safer, more secure and able to make a more positive contribution to the internal environment.

Glass lets in the light, but also the heat and glare. It breaks, it shatters, and it is vulnerable to explosions or bomb blasts. But no commercial, public or residential premises can do without it. So how do you maximise the benefits of glass, while minimising the risks?

Commercial Window Film from Durable Ltd Bomb Blast Safety Film and Security Safety Film from Durable Ltd Heat and Glare Solar Film from Durable Ltd


Window film is playing an increasingly high profile across the commercial sector helping to address issues such as heat and glare, safety and security, privacy and UV protection, bomb blast protection and as an integral part of energy reduction initiatives. Safety Film remains the most popular requirement in a window film, but combined with other properties such as solar or privacy, it can offer so much more.

Bomb Blast Safety Film

Anti Shatter Film

With the heightened risk from terrorist activity in the UK, public and commercial buildings are, more than ever before, at risk from a bomb blast. Your building could also be at risk from accidental explosion. High tensile strength anti shatter window film can provide a strong barrier which captures and absorbs energy protecting people, reducing damage and preventing injury.

Durable is a leading expert in the scientific and technical relationship of film and glass. Before we carry out any work we undertake a thorough and detailed inspection of the glass in your building and provide you with a report which ascertains your current protection levels and advise you as to the best and most effective solution to your individual needs.

Safety Films are available in various strengths and many combinations offering you more than just protection.

Security and SAFETY FILM

How can you help to protect your business against criminal damage, vandalism and theft?

The stronger and more obvious a deterrent, the more time and effort it takes to break a window and gain entry, the less likely a building is to be targeted. Window film is now recognised as an essential part of a complete security system. Durable can advise on a range of products which will help you increase the strength of the glass and create a visible barrier so equipment canít be seen from the outside.

Safety Film and Security Film can be one and the same product, but they also have unique advantages over each other. It is important to recognise the differences before making any decisions.

Heat and Glare SOLAR FILMS

How do you reduce the levels of work-related illness and absenteeism in the office?

The average office generates 3,000 watts of heat Ė thatís equivalent to 3 bars on an electric heater. Add to that the glare which bounces off computer screens and you can understand why excessive heat and glare are major causes of work-related illness and absenteeism. The solution is solar film. While filtering up to 75% of the glare and heat, solar film has the added advantage of reducing the need for fans and air conditioning.

Durable can help you to transform the working environment and create a cooler, more productive, more pleasant workplace. Solar film filters up to 75% of the glare and heat while reducing the need for fans and air conditioning.

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