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Temporary Buildings from Extraspace

When you need accommodation anywhere around the globe, Extraspace have a range of flexible prefabricated buildings that are ideally suited for: Disaster relief, Emergency shelters, Transit camps, Classrooms and offices, Living accommodation, Construction sites, Check points, Observation posts and Telco (GSM) buildings. Extraspace can also provide a range of Blast Resistant Office and Fire Rated Buildings.

Extraspace operate in a diverse variety of locations; from the jungles of South America to military camps in the Falkland Islands.

Climatic and Operational conditions around the World are often under estimated by many portable building companies, however Extraspace have years of experience in operating in some of the most inhospitable locations in the World. We endeavour to fully understand our customers requirements, so that they are completely satisfied with the finished product.

The Rapidcom portable building system from Extraspace


The Rapidcom system is a lightweight structure designed for fast deployment at a low cost. Available in flat packed or ready-built options. Suitable for any purpose.

Outer surfaces are electrostatic powder painted and cold shaped, trapezoidal sectioned galvanized steel sheets in 0.73 mm thickness. Inner surfaces are 8 mm melaminated chipboard and polyurethane based painted cementboard for living and wet areas respectively, with glasswool isolation.




Transcom robust container type accommodation from Extraspace

  Transcom is a robust container type accommodation system that can be stacked 3-high. It is fully modular and can be fitted out with kitchens and sanitary equipment as required.




Telecommunications Shelters from Extraspace

  Telecommunications shelters are available with box profile or flat steel cladding, our GSM shelters can be fully fitted out with:
  • Air conditioning

  • DC fan

  • AC distribution board

  • Power meter box

  • Internal cable trays

  • Heat & smoke detectors

  • Door mat and folder table

  • Ice shield

  • Panic door latch

  • Generator power access

  • Fire extinguisher




Campcom panellized building system from Extraspace

  Campcom this panellized building system is ideal for large transit/labour camps, food halls, offices and dormitories. It is delivered in flat packed form for fast and simple assembly onto a concrete slab foundation.




Blast Resistant Portable Accommodation from Extraspace

  Blast Resistant Portable Accommodation where design approval for the structure of the unit has been designed and manufactured to meet the blast resistance criteria under the following conditions:
  • Walls - Reflected overpressure of 650 mbar for a positive phase duration on 100msec

  • Roof - The roof for the 650mbar module (reflected on the front face) would need to be able to resist the 320mbar pressure (side on or overpressure) for the duration of 100msec

  • Floor - Reflected overpressure of 650mbar for a positive phase duration of 100msec

  • Windows - Reflected overpressure of 650mbar for a positive phase duration of 100msec

  • Door - Reflected overpressure of 650mbar for a positive phase duration of 100msec

  • Door has been classified as Category 1

All Blast loadings assumed to be of a shock wave form i.e. instantaneously rising at time t=0 to the maximum overpressure and decaying linearly to zero mbar at t=100msec.

  • Petrochemical Industry Recommended Practice on Design of Blast Resistant Buildings. Final report (April 1998) Appendix 1

  • Petrochemical Industry Recommended Practice on Design of Blast Resistant Buildings. Commentary (April 1998) Appendix 2

Units can be manufactured any size up to 32ft x 10ft. Designs for lower specifications are also available.




Fire Rated Buildings from Extraspace

  Fire Rated Buildings can be manufactured with a choice of flat sided or corrugated steel side walls and all windows have a neat and tidy fire curtain installed that will automatically drop in the event of a fire, thus preventing fire spreading from the windows.

The Phoenix Range of Fire Rated Buildings covers all unit sizes from 16ft x 10ft up to and including 32ft x 10ft.

Electrical & Plumbing fit: electrics to IEE 17th Edition with all distribution boards with MCBs and RCD. All Gas fitting CORGI approved.

Locking systems: all accommodation units have High Security Multi-Locking System doors as standard.

Visit Extraspace's website for more information on the Exportarange of flexible prefabricated buildings

Extraspace Industries Ltd
Unit 27, Hobbs Industrial Estate
New Chapel
Near Lingfield

Tel:    +44 (0)845 330 3713
Fax:   +44 (0)1342 836 978







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