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Product Realisation - Contract Manufacturing From Axiom

- From initial design concept to production, Axiom works in partnership to make sure that its electronic manufacturing projects are consistently driven through to meet customer’s needs, quality, time scales and budgets.

Axiom’s highly skilled account managers and cross functional team of experts, in which suppliers and customers play a key role, ensure new product realisation is achieved at the overall optimum total acquisition cost.

Product realisation falls into these key categories:-

  • Design support

  • Prototyping

  • Design for procurement

  • Design for manufacture

  • Design for test

  • Design for Environment

  • New product introduction

DESIGN SUPPORT - It is vital that you engage with your electronics manufacturing partner as early as possible so that your initial concepts or design changes can be implemented in the most cost conscious and effective manner from day 1, enabling you to reach the market in the timescale's and within the budgets planned.

With the need for greater design complexity, shorter time to market and reduced overall project costs, you will need to work with a partner whose experience can help you to meet those challenges.

Whether you are looking to introduce a completely new product, revamp an existing product or reduce some of the cost, Axiom work closely with you to understand your objectives and then find the best solution for you.

PROTOTYPING - Using a highly re configurable prototype cell enables Axiom to manufacture and test complex design prototypes where design integrity and key components are still to be finalised, providing a fast pace prototype phase of product development, enabling customer design teams to evolve products rapidly, and ensuring market opportunity is never lost.

As an integral part of the design process it is important to work with a partner who understands the full process from design to delivery, so that their experience can be factored in thereby reducing your project risk and cost. By ensuring that the product that has been designed actually does what you expect it to do, a number of prototypes will need building often in short time scales.

During this process Axiom highly trained engineers work closely with your design team until the prototype is refined to meet the needs of the market, design goals, functions as you expect, is safe, reliable, and is ready for production.

DESIGN FOR PROCUREMENT - forms part of Axiom's design for excellence service offering, and also covers design for manufacture and design for test. The benefits of which are better-designed, higher quality products which have a shorter time-to-market.

The selection of the right components, materials and suppliers along with appropriate terms and conditions has a major impact on the whole project cost, program flexibility, product yield, manufacturing efficiency and end of program liability. By implementing design for procurement techniques you will achieve:-

  • Reduced material lead time

  • Reduce end of life/obsolescence risk (re-design costs)

  • Reduce material liability

  • Reduced time to market

  • Utilisation of Axiom standard component catalogue

DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURE - is an approach which has the aim of improving manufacturing productivity, quality, reliability, maintainability, cost, time to market and customer satisfaction. By improving the manufacture of your design through product simplification, we can help you to achieve:-

  • Early and accurate cost estimations

  • Effective material and process selection

  • Improved time to market

  • Reduction in cycle times

  • Increased yield

  • Increased product efficiency

  • Increased product life cycle

In short products which can be assembled more easily in a shorter time frame with superior quality.

DESIGN FOR TEST - As boards become more complex the ability to test with traditional methods and systems becomes more difficult. Not only is it is important to implement a test strategy for your existing products but to consider design for test in the early stages of product development to ensure adequate fault coverage and diagnostic ability. Implementing design for test, you will achieve:-

  • Reduction in test time

  • Simpler and less costly testing requirements

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased test coverage

  • Improved test efficiency

DESIGN FOR ENVIRONMENT- The environmental aspect of products is usually determined at the design stage and through design we work with you to reduce the environmental impact of your products.  As companies have to pay more regard through both legislation and consumer demands, to the environment, so design aspects of products come under more scrutiny.

Our role is to identify where environmental improvements can be made looking at:-

  • Energy efficiency – reduce the energy needed to manufacture and use your products

  • Materials innovation – reduce the amount of materials used, use ones that have less environmental impact and those which can be recycled

  • Compliance - ensuring that your product comply with legislation

  • Helping you to meet ever increasing consumer demands

To see more information about Product Realisation please use this link

Axiom Manufacturing Services Limited
Technology Park
NP11 5AN

Tel:   +44 (0)1495 242130
Fax:  +44 (0)1495 242096

Contact:  Jacqui Malpass





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