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Military Products from Hitek Ltd

Hitek provide a range of products to reduce Electro-Magnetic Interference or Emissions, radar absorbent materials, polymers and thermal insulators for military applications.


A full range of solutions to reduce Electro-Magnetic Interference or Emissions are available from Hitek including materials for structures, and people. The EMI Reduction suit reduces EMI by around 99% and will protect the wearer from emissions from 800 MHz to 18 GHz.

The suit is made from a lightweight fabric, 83% cotton, 12% Polyamid and 5% silver, and can be washed and re-used using a cool delicate cycle and line dry. The suit comprises a top, trousers and a hood, and gloves and socks are available to complete the protection The suits are available in S/M/L/and XL.

Deployable Shielding

Deployable EMI Shielding from Hitek

A very quick and cost effective method of deploying a Faraday cage with Shielding Effectiveness from 30 MHz to 18 GHz of around 80dB. Ideal for isolating yourself from EMI, the unit is 864mm x 864mm x 1,960mm tall (34" x 34" x 77"). The unit has a double layer zipped door to ensure integrity against emissions and is made from Nora Dell fabric.

Structural Shielding

Fabrics are ideal for quickly protecting a room or area from EMI intrusion. For a simple system to go under wall coverings, Kiel is ideal as a low cost material for shielding over the range of 30 MHz to 18 GHz. Simple overlapping and stapling can ensure the integrity of adjacent strips but care has to be given for doors and windows. Windows are a problem but Tulle fabric can provide limited shielding up to 30 dB provided it is backed up by curtains made from Nora-Dell, provided they overlap and a Velcro type solution is used to prevent gaps. Under carpet and overhead protection using Nora-Dell can be added and conductive fabric tape, overlaps and staples will ensure EMI integrity. Doors are the ultimate issue and again overlapping of the fabric and Velcro can contribute to the final solution.

Levels of shielding should not be set too high, and simple edge leaks treated with conductive tapes and staples. A test meter can be used to find leaks and assess the performance of the materials.

Mobile phone vault from Hitek

Mobile Phone Vault
The Mobile Phone Vault is designed to isolate Mobile Phones, PDA’s and Blackberry’s from Base Station interrogation and to ensure that the location of the phone or device cannot be detected. Can also be used to ensure that the device cannot be remotely switched off or data deleted.

The Mobile Phone Vault is made from Nora Dell fabric.


Hitek offers the Chomerics range of Cho-Therm® thermal insulators. In that range there are several materials that offer themselves for general use.

Hitek offers the Chomerics range of Cho-Therm® thermal insulators. In that range there are several materials that offer themselves for general use.

Cho-Therm® 1671 is Chomercs’ highest reliability insulator pad, with proven performance in aerospace/defence applications. Cho-Therm® 1671 insulators are silicone elastomers filled with boron nitride particles. Reinforced with fibreglass cloth to provide maximum resistance to tear, cut-through and punctures due to burrs and other mating surface irregularities.

Cho-Therm® T500 material is a highly thermally conductive interface insulator designed for use where the lowest possible thermal impedance is required. Fibreglass reinforced Cho-Therm® T500 insulators combine a silicone binder with a boron nitride filler to deliver thermal impedance of 0.19 C-in2/watt.

There are other materials in the Cho-Therm® range that offer other features. These can be found on the Thermal selector chart. If you have an application that you think requires one of the other materials please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd

For more information about Hitek's Military Products contact them now

HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd
15 Wentworth Road
North Lincolnshire
DN17 2AX

Tel:    +44 (0)1724 851678
Fax:   +44 (0)1724 280586







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