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Corrosion Control from Hitek-nology Solutions Ltd

Corrosion Control Solutions from Hitek Ltd - Engine layupHitek-nology Solutions Ltd supplies some of the world's most advanced and successful Corrosion control products from Cortec Corporation. Cortec is committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions for the protection of metals in all conditions and stages of manufacture. From the initial supply and cutting of metal all the way to the installation and operation and maintenance of the component, Cortec can provide a solution to ensure improved reliability, and lower costs.

Armed forces and industry throughout the world are benefiting from this technology daily to prevent corrosion of components, vehicles, aircraft, and electronics. Maintenance organisations are using the environmentally friendly products to recover components and assemblies and put them back into service.

Long storage of tools and military vehicles is achieved at a fraction of traditional cost and can be made ready for service in a fraction of the time normally required with previous solutions.

Corrosion Prevention


VpCL 125 bags from Hitek Ltd allow circuit boards and assemblies to be stored for up to two years without oxidisation and corrosion

Cortec’s unique VpCI (Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibiter) technology has extensive use in Electronics and Electrical applications.

From simple anti-static VpCI 125 bags for the safe storage of circuit boards and assemblies which allow materials to be stored for two years and more without oxidisation and corrosion, to the highly loaded emitters such as the VpCI 111 which will condition 11 cubic feet of electronic enclosure, Cortec materials are the safe eco-friendly solution for protection.

Cortec VpCI Foam Pads are a very cost effective solution and can be supplied pre-cut, or on a roll for easy cut to length applications.

EcoSpray 238 is ideal for spraying onto cables and connections and will give excellent protection of all electronics in adverse conditions.


Cortec’s unique VpCI (Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibiter) technology has extensive use in all forms of packaging, from the simple bagging of a component, to the packaging of a complete system. Available in bulk form VpCI materials are particularly useful in packaging all forms of materials. The sheet and bubble-wrap can be used along with the emitters to give storage solutions of up to five years. Ruggedised materials such as CorShield, and EcoShield give excellent outdoor protection. For the ultimate protection MilCorr allows high cost military systems to be stored for up to five years.

For local protection and protection in transit for valuable items VpCI 126 Zip-Lock bags are available in a range of sizes, including 76x127mm, 152x203mm, 254x305mm and 305x457mm. Additional protection by the use of Cor-Pak 1-Mul sachets protect up to 1 cubic foot of space.

All these products offer protection of both Ferrous and non ferrous metals. They do not contain nitrites, chromates or heavy metals.



Corrosion Prevention for Long Term Storage Corrosion Prevention for Long Term Storage Corrosion Prevention for Long Term Storage

VpCI solutions for corrosion protection are commonly considered to be temporary solutions, offering short-term protection ( up to two years ). In simple solutions such as a resealable bag this is true and often more than adequate. However some situations, such as mothballing power stations, large pieces of machinery, military vehicles for long periods of time, say up to ten years require more innovative and radical approaches.

Cortec combines its VpCI technology with barrier laminates, coatings and concentrates to extend the life of its storage solutions to the point where periods in excess of 10 years corrosion free storage are possible. Achieving this prolonged period of corrosion free storage requires special attention to preparation and cleaning prior to storage.

Below are listed a few of the products that can be used in such situations:

Cortec Barrier Laminate - combined foil laminate with VpCI 126 heat sealable film
MilCorr Film - Heat sealable Military grade VpCI film for outdoor storage
CorShield Fabric - flock lined fabric with VpCI incorporated in the construction
Ecoshield Fabric - similar to the CorrShield but made from HDPE
VpCI 368 - Outdoor protective coating with VpCI properties
VpCI 130 Series foams - used for additional VpCI Delivery

Corrosion Recovery

CorrVerter – rust converter


Rust remover

CorrVerter – rust converter Corwipe Rust remover


Hitek-nology offers a range of the Cortec products when it is necessary to recover metal or equipment that has been poorly stored or just needs to be refurbished. The products include environmentally friendly rust and tarnish removers that are skin safe and paint removers that are extremely mild in comparison to some other products on the market. There are also maintenance wipes that can be used to protect tools and instruments, as well as cleaning circuit boards.

The typical process in recovering a metal component or assembly is as follows:

  • Clean off excess dirt and grease using one of the Cortec cleaners and degreaser such as VCI 416. Typically this is done with a pressure washer.

  • Remove any paint using one of the Cortec paint removers such as VCI 433

  • Remove rust using blasting with added VCI 609 or the rust remover VCI 423

  • Clean again to stabilise the VCI 423 with VCI 416 or VCI 415, not necessary if using wet grit blasting

  • Apply CorrVerter if necessary. The metal is now ready for top coating


When it comes to recovering equipment or tooling that has been corroded through poor storage, misuse or poor maintenance, Hitek-nology can provide several products to help get the unit back into operation condition.

When it comes to recovering equipment or tooling that has been corroded through poor storage, misuse or poor maintenance, Hitek-nology can provide several products to help get the unit back into operation condition.

Some of these products are the same as those in the Metals section, however. There are a few additional products such as the lubricants and temporary coatings that may prove useful.

Consider as an example a corroded piece of tooling that has been pulled out of store for use only to discover that it is tarnished and that some of the parts are seized. To recover this tool we would use the following procedure:

When it comes to recovering equipment or tooling that has been corroded through poor storage, misuse or poor maintenance, Hitek-nology can provide several products to help get the unit back into operation condition.
  • Clean the parts with one of the Cortec cleaner/degreaser products

  • Remove the paint using the VpCI paint remover products

  • Clean using the cleaner degreaser

  • Remove the rust using the rust remover gel or liquid or wet grit blasting

  • Clean using the cleaner degreaser product

  • Apply lubricant/protective coating to moving parts

  • The equipment is now ready for use after use wipe down with CorrWipe 500 and place in VpCI 126 bag for corrosion free storage until next required.


For maintenance, repair and refurbishment, Hitek can supply some of the most environmentally friendly products on the market today. In addition to the products that are also on the other recovery pages, this page includes products for lubrication and final permanent coating. See some of the products listed below:

VCI 422

VpCI enhanced skin safe water based rust removers. The mild but effective rust removers come with the added benefit of the Cortec vapour phase corrosion inhibitor technology. It is also effective at removing the tarnish from other metals such as copper, brass, chrome and aluminium.

VCI 423

Gel version of VCI 422

VCI 416

An extremely effective alkaline cleaner/degreaser that is water diluteable and normally used for temporary corrosion protection and cleaning for metal parts. When diluted with four parts water to 1 part VCI 416 the corrosion protect lasts for up to six weeks indoors on bare metal parts.


A water based rust converter for poorly prepared metal surfaces. Makes an extremely good primer for metals.

Corrwipe 500

Removes light rust and tarnish from tools and parts leaving a very thin film of protective VpCI on the surface providing temporary protection for up to six weeks. The wipe and film has antistatic properties and therefore can be used to clean electronic circuits and components. The patented Cortec corrosion Inhibitors are effective on most metals. The wipe is skin safe.

VpCI 609

A water-soluble ferrous metal protection powder that can be used as an additive in wet blasting applications giving immediate protection to the blasted surface. Protecting it temporarily prior to further treatment or painting.

VCI 432/433

Liquid paint remover with added VpCI technology from Cortec. VCI 433 is the gel version of 432.

VCI 387

Top coat for protection of metal extremely hardwearing suitable for metal walkways and decks.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Control Protection Corrosion Control Protection Corrosion Control Protection

When it comes to protecting metal assets such as expensive parts, work in progress, assemblies, tooling, jigs, fixtures, classic cars, vehicles, aircraft engines, and spares, the Cortec solutions supplied by Hitek are both comprehensive, safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

From the simple and popular VCI 126 blue film (now also available in the fully 100% biodegradable version) to the spray on wax coatings and lubricants such as the VpCI 389D water based hard coat and the soya based VpCI 325 general purpose lubricant Hitek can provide a total life solution, from initial manufacture to shipping and storage and lifetime use.

Protection of work in progress, especially having undergone expensive later stage finishing operations can be achieved easily, either by using one of the environmentally friendly cutting fluids or by simply washing the part in the popular VCI 416 water-dilutable alkaline wash. This wash protects parts from corrosion for up to six weeks. If additional protection is desired that packing the parts in trays or crates lined with the VCI 126 film will protect the parts for up to two years.

In the case of classic cars, motorcycles, vintage vehicles, and sporting guns, Hitek can provide custom made covers such as the car cocoon and gun bags, made from the Corshield™ or Ecoweave™ products.

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