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Ballistic Helmets, Ballistic Shields, Blast Fragmentation Blankets and Vehicle Armour from Fortis

Fortis® Armour specialise in the manufacture of personal protection products including ballistic helmets, ballistic shields, ballistic and blast fragmentation blankets and vehicle armour - Generic Covert Armour Protection System.  All products carry internationally recognised certification.


Kempton Ballistic Helmets are suitable for use by law-enforcement and military personnel and are manufactured from the lightest available materials. Ballistic protection is up to NIJ IIIA, and for fragmentation protection these Helmets have a V50 of 650m/sec using the 1.1g FSP. Additionally, we offer a very lightweight Public Order Helmet with good back-of-neck and face protection.

The Fortis PASGT is the latest evolution of a well-proven design. Incorporating both new materials technology to make the helmet perform better and lighter, and a new harness, which makes the helmet even more comfortable. Lightweight PASGT helmets are available incorporating new materials technology to enhance performance and reduce weight.

The materials and processes have been altered to increase the content of ballistic material within the shell without increasing the weight. This means that the helmets are not only lighter than their military counterparts, but are able to defeat a wider range of bullets up to NIJ IIIA.

The harness has also had a complete make over, with only 4 bolts being required as opposed to the usual 8, and a new mesh crown pad, which gives excellent load distribution. The chinstrap had a four point adjustable harness that allows for excellent head retention and balance even when ballistic face shields are used.

The harness can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of head sizes and shapes using five basic adjustment points:

  • Velcro adjusted mesh crown pad, to alter the helmet height.

  • Velcro adjusted headband, to alter head size fit.

  • Plastic Tri Glide buckle on the chinstrap, to alter back to front tilt.

  • Two Ladder Lock buckles, to alter the chin strap location.

Moreover, once the helmet is fully adjusted to fit, to remove the helmet one simply releases the press stud on the chinstrap.

The helmet is covered in the latest paint technology not only offering the ability to be tailored to a variety of differed IRR requirements but also providing a very tough and durable finish.

For more information about our Ballistic Helmets please click here >


The United Shield range of ballistic shields incorporates the latest materials technology and a handle system that has been ergonomically developed over a number of years. They are available in a standard range of sizes and in a number of different protection levels.

Designed to allow for easy entry into buildings and good overall body coverage, the shields incorporate a multifunctional handle enabling usage by both left and right handed people and two additional handles to allow the shield to be held with the forearm vertically.

To ease the load there is a neck strap which allows the shield to hang across the body and fress hands for the other tasks. To reduce damage, the edges are covered in a hard wearing trim.

The medium, large and grand sizes have the additional benefit of a NIJ level IIIA window size 250mm x 100mm. A larger window 400mm x 100mm is also available.

We offer a good range of Ballistic Shields with the following features:

  • Variations in size

  • NIJ certified

  • Bullet-resistant Viewports

  • Handgrip options

Shields utilise the latest technologies to provide the high protection for less weight.

Shield options

  • Special sizes

  • Weapon rest cutout

  • Collapsible shields

  • Different window sizes

  • Rigid handles

For more information about our Ballistic Shields, please click here >


Kempton Ballistic, Fragmentation and Blast Blankets are simple but very effective lightweight flexible shields for draping over vehicles, doorways, windows and other structures to provide protection from handgun fire and fragmentation from exploding devices as well as some blast-wave protection. Subject strictly to careful and proper deployment, protection can be as high as levels of protection expected from body armour.

For more information about our Blast Blankets, please click here >


Generic Covert Armour Protection System

A full transportable system offering covert protection to a range of sedans and 4x4s comprising:

  • Door panels with hard armour insert plate. Incorporating easy and rapid deployment to alternative vehicles. Can be used as shields in ‘hot extraction’ situation.

  • Seat covers with long ‘train’ providing protection against underfloor blast and shrapnel. Can be used as stretchers and carried by two or four persons.

  • Head protection.

  • Supplied in 2 x ‘mission bags’ which can be transported in the trunk of the sedan when not in use.

 For more information about our Vehicle Armour, please click here >


Byford Road

Tel:  +44 (0)116 2610001
Fax: +44 (0)116 2611186


Contact: Mr Steve Martin (Divisional Director)

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