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Infantry Night Vision and Tactical Infrared Solutions Qioptiq

Infantry Night Vision

Qioptiq is one of the world’s principal designers and manufacturers of infrared and image intensified night vision equipment. More than 50,000 individual night sights have been supplied to over 50 different countries for a wide range of defence, police, border security, coastguard and search and rescue applications.

The company’s portfolio of products includes a complete range of equipment for use in the ground based environment, all designed to satisfy the most stringent requirements of international defence procurement authorities, and all fully qualified for use in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Offering a complete night vision capability, Qioptiq’s family of products also provides the potential for important logistical savings, enabling users to take the advantage of commonality of components that exist between the products.

Weapon aiming and target acquisition

Qioptiq provides a range of world leading night weapon aiming sights for a wide variety of platforms including individual assault weapons, light support weapons, crew-served weapons, anti-tank/anti materiel weapons and specialised sniper applications, using visible image intensifying and un-cooled thermal imaging technology.

Thermal Imaging sights from Qioptiq

Image through Thermal Sight

Image intensifing sights from Qioptiq

Image through Image Intensification Sight


A range of surveillance equipment is also available utilising both visible image intensifying and uncooled thermal imaging technology. Binocular and Monocular eyepiece variants are available providing maximum flexibility for surveillance applications.

For the full range of Infantry Night Vision Equipment from Qioptiq Click Here

Tactical Infrared

The Forefront of Technology

With a worldwide reputation for design innovation and manufacturing excellence, Qioptiq has been at the forefront of optical technology for more than three decades.

The Tactical Infrared Group is dedicated exclusively to the design, development and supply of bespoke optical modules, providing leading edge optical solutions for the most demanding of defence and aerospace applications:

  • Thermal Imaging Lens Modules
  • Surveillance
  • Navigation
  • Target Acquisition
  • Missile Tracking
  • Missile and Laser Warner

For more information on Tactical Infrared Solutions from Qioptiq Click Here

Qioptiq Ltd
Glascoed Road
St Asaph
LL17 0LL

Tel:    +44 (0)1745 588000
Fax:   +44 (0)1745 584258

Contact: Craig Taylor(Communications Manager)






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