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Qioptiq Providing Cockpit Displays, Laser Protection Solutions

Leading the world in technology and facilities, Qioptiq provides solutions to meet the individual requirements of civil and military customers for cockpit displays and laser protection.

Outstanding expertise in optical and mechanical design, optical coating and holography has earned the company a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence.

The company has a complete in-house capability to process the full range of optical materials and to design, fabricate, polish, coat and mount optical elements.


Avionics solutions from Qioptiq

Head-Up Displays from Qioptiq

Laser protection filters from Qioptiq

Visible Advantage

Qioptiq has a respected international reputation for the design and manufacture of optical modules for Head-Up, Head-Level, Head-Down and Helmet-Mounted displays.

We have been designing and manufacturing optical modules for Head-Up Displays (HUDs) for more than 30 years. Qioptiq now fulfils over 50% of the world’s demand for HUD optical modules.

Systems are custom designed using in-house computer software for optical designs, including conformal, non-conformal or powered holographic optical elements (HOEs).

To meet the ever increasing demand for brighter, lighter and more compact display modules, Qioptiq has fully exploited the use of plastic technologies for both optical element and lens housing requirements and pilot display visor coatings.

The company offers a total capability in HUD optical modules from the initial design through to volume production.

Qioptiq has designed and manufactured over 17,000 Head-Up and Head-Down Display optics for more than 30 aircraft types. In the military market these currently include the C130, C17, F16, F18, F22, Mirage, Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, Harrier AV8B, Hawk and Tornado.

For the civil aircraft market, modules are significantly different in design, being roof mounted in most cases to complement the layout of the flight deck, and capable of being extended and stowed, whilst maintaining alignment with the pilot’s eyes and the outside world.

Qioptiq HUD optical modules are in-service with regional airlines in Europe, and USA and for executive jets worldwide.

For helmet-mounted applications, the company has designed and manufactured a variety of optical modules to satisfy the increasing demand for lightweight, compact displays. These advanced systems include airborne applications such as Tiger, for rotary wing and fixed wing for Eurofighter.

Visible Protection

Qioptiq is also recognised for its expertise in laser protection; its capability extends from protection filters – optimised to integrate with sensors and sighting systems – through to the volume manufacture of spectacles, goggles and visors.

The company has led the field in the design, analysis, optimisation and manufacture of advanced, high transmission Electro Optic Protection Measures (EOPM) and devices for 20 years and is now a leading supplier to the US defence market.

F16 Diffractive HUD

  • 3 Hologram Diffractive Combiner

  • Field of View 30°A x 20°V

  • Provision for FLIR Display

  • 1400 Produced to Date

  • In use on F16 (LANTIRN & Night Capable Variants)

  • In Service with USAF and Other NATO Countries

Eurofighter Typhoon and F22 HUD

  • Single Non Conformal Holographic Combiner

  • Field of View 30°A x 22°V

  • Provision for FLIR Display

  • Production Commenced in 2000

  • Over 300 produced to date

Civil HUD

  • Single Conformal Holographic Combiner

  • Novel Single Handed Combiner Stowage Mechanism

  • Single and Dual graded Notched Combiner

  • Head Injury Criteria Breakaway Mechanism, single handed reset

  • Field of View: 40°H x 30°V

  • Multi Platform Installation

  • Over 150 Systems Built to date

  • Current platforms include 737, 747, MD80 Regional Jet and Global Express

HMD Technologies

  • Vast Experience in the Design of Display Optics

  • Aspheric and Diffractive Optics

  • Lightweight Plastic Housings

  • Plastic Optics

  • Holographic and Reflective Patches on Plastic

  • Application of Technology to Future Integrated Soldier Technology Programme (UK equivalent of USA Land Warrior)

  • Helmet Tracking Systems

Laser Protection

  • Protection from visible to far infrared for fixed, agile or broadband threats.

  • Wide range of hardware protecting ground and airborne environments.

  • Over 15000 high transmission general purpose laser goggles and 14000 aircrew visors and spectacles produced.

  • Solutions including dielectric, holographic coatings, absorbing glasses, organic dyes and non-linear optical materials.

  • Expertise in deposition on polycarbonate lenses and visors.

Qioptiq Ltd
Glascoed Road
St Asaph
LL17 0LL

Tel:    +44 (0)1745 588000
Fax:   +44 (0)1745 584258

Contact:  Craig Taylor (Communications Manager)






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