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Fairfax Defence Statistics is a private enterprise specialising in the provision of timely financial statistics on international government defence spending and defence equipment market sectors. We cover the range of defence financial statistics for general and bespoke applications, including:

  • Aggregate government defence spending, budgets, and projected future spending – global, regional or country-specific.

  • Disaggregated government defence spending, budgets, and projected future spending – by function: personnel, O&M, R&D, equipment, procurement and construction.

  • Aggregate defence equipment markets – global, regional, and country-specific

Defence equipment market sectors and sub-sectors – global, regional, and country-specific


We aim to provide the client with the raw data for market valuation and risk. The focus of Fairfax Defence Statistics is the first stage of market analysis. We aim to provide reliable and timely raw data in order that the client may establish a firm foundation for defence market analysis. Our data are presented in transparent format in order that the client has a solid basis for market valuation and associated risk assessment. We provide a supporting service for data interpretation. Clients typically perform their own market assessments.


  • Defence equipment expenditure (including R&D and equipment support) and forecast – global, regional, and country-specific.

  • Market sector expenditure and forecast (eg Fighter Ground Attack aircraft, Main Battle Tanks, Fast Attack Craft, Information Technology) – global, regional, and country-specific.

  • Market sub-sector expenditure and forecast (eg fast jet aero-engines, ground tactical communication systems, simulation software) – global, regional, and country-specific.


Fairfax Defence Statistics was established in June 2000. Digby Waller has worked in the defence industry for over twenty years, most recently as the Defence Economist from 1993-2000 at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London where he was responsible for the defence statistics and economic analysis published annually in The Military Balance.

For more details about these services, please contact Digby Waller:

8 St George’s Place
The Mount
YO24 1DR

Tel: +44 (0) 1904 630161

Fax: +44 (0) 1904 541473


Contact: Mr Digby Waller (Defence Statistics Analyst)

Products/Services :

  • Consultancy
  • Defence Statistics Analysts

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