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EMC Military Testing from TRaC

Military / Aerospace facilities at TRaC offer modern purpose designed test chambers and equipment. All laboratories are secure and have electronically controlled access therefore ensuring confidentiality for all our customers. TRaC has invested heavily over a two year period to be able to offer test facilities which compete and sometimes better others in the industry. All Military test chambers are located on one site within a large secure compound.

Military testing chambers from TRaC Global Military testing from TRaC Global Lightning Testing of Aircraft  from TRaC Global


Military EMC Testing

TRaC has the ability to test equipment over a wide range of emissions and immunity requirements to commercial, industrial and military standards. We can easily identify which range of tests exists that must be passed by your equipment if it is to fulfil the requirements placed upon it. We test to the following standards in addition to manufacturer specific standards which are based on the same (i.e. Boeing, Eurocae, Airbus etc):

Military EMC DEF-STD 59-41/59-411, DEF-STD 61-5,
MIL-STD704E, MIL-STD 1275B, MIL-STD 461E, RTCA DO160D/E1, Lightning Testing, Eurofighter
Environmental MIL-STD -810
European Standards 2004/104/EC, 2006/95/EC, 1999/92/EC, LVD 73/23/EC
Aviation DO-160 (RTCA), D6-16050 (Boeing)
Automotive VCA, E marking
Safety Machinery Safety Directive (MSD), LVD 73/23/EC

More Information about Defence EMC Testing >>


Lightning testing is required for equipment supplied to the aerospace industry and military aircraft. The increasing use of composite materials in the design of the aircraft superstructure, to reduce weight, means that equipment is more vulnerable to lightning effects. As a result the test standards has evolved and become more stringent. For new build aircraft, ALL equipment supplied must meet Safety of Flight (SOF) criteria, which includes lightning, prior to being installed and then full qualification testing.


The commonly used explosive atmosphere test for military applications is taken from MIL-STD 810F. The test of method 511.4 is performed to demonstrate the ability of equipment to operate in fuel-air explosive atmospheres without causing ignition. This method applies to all equipment designed for use in the vicinity of fuel-air explosive atmospheres associated with aircraft, automotive, and marine fuels at or above sea level (up to 12,200 metres).


TRaC's Radio laboratories have over 15 years experience in testing an extensive range of radios and RF devices from household applications right though to 100kW FM broadcast transmitters. The laboratories can perform measurements on equipment with a fundamental frequency of operation between 9kHz to 110GHz. Our facilities are UKAS accredited to EN17025 and are listed for both the FCC and Industry Canada.


Through TRaC we can provide access to environmental testing services and Finite Element Analysis. Our skilled engineers will assist you in designing a real-world environmental simulation test strategy, such as the following:

  • Vibration and Shock

  • HALT

  • Hydrodynamic Testing

  • Driving Sand and Dust

  • Ingress Protection

  • Fluid Contamination

  • Solar Heating

  • Salt corrosion

  • Temperature, Altitude and Humidity

  • Bespoke Climatic Testing

  • Bespoke Dynamic Testing


Military and Aerospace test reporting requires a very professional approach with careful attention to detail as laid down in the test standards. These reports are more involved than most "commercial" reports because of the nature of complex equipment under test. Also, the frequency range of concern is much broader and the amount of test equipment used much greater than most commercial testing. At
TRaC we acknowledge the requirement for speedily generated test reports. Under normal circumstances reports are generated within two weeks. However we do offer a report generation service within 2-3 days if required.)

The following other services can be offered:

RADAZ trials, ship trials, Mutual interference trials, CISPR, TEMPEST to NSTISSAM and NATO AMSG, site surveys and interference investigation.

You also have access to:

  • Secure test facilities that are security cleared and approved under Section 5 of the Firearms Act

  • A LIST X establishment for testing secure crypto platforms.

  • Secure large compound for safe storage of vehicles.

  • SC cleared engineers.

  • Customers’ office and recreation space.

  • Additional support equipment such as fibre optic CAN bus link.


EMC Military Testing from TRaC Global

TRaC is a national UKAS accredited body recognised by government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, and provide certification, testing and inspection services.

One Stop Service - TRaC provides combined services covering all aspects of EMC, ATEX, Machinery, Radio, Environment and Safety testing. We can coordinate testing in all the areas mentioned. TRaC has the expertise in the fields of CE marking and Military and Aerospace approvals to be able to advise you on how the requirements interface with one another.

Flexibility - Our engineers have the expertise and experience to assist with budgetary and project scheduling. You can trust our skilled engineers to provide you with a more efficient way to address regulatory requirements. Extended 24 hour days can be organised to help meet strict deadlines.

Confidentiality - In the highly specialist areas of Military and Aerospace EMC, our secure test facilities are LIST X security cleared and approved under Section 5 of the Firearms Act. Our engineers are Security Cleared and customer focused. We take pride in assuring the confidentiality of your business.

TRaC can help you win the MoD contract

EMC Military Testing from TRaC Global

Many companies tendering for contracts have an insufficient understanding of the bid process. As a consequence, suppliers seeking to win contracts, often fail due to low score achievement with regards compliance and testing. There are numerous standards and specifications that must be taken into account if your tender is to achieve a high score.

TRaC can easily identify which range of standard tests exist which must be passed by equipment if it is to fulfil the requirements placed upon it.

We will work with you to improve your chance of winning the tender and provide relevant documentation to help identify the cost effective route to compliance, and demonstrate test standards and limits.

Technical file Documentation - TRaC provides accurate test procedures, plans and test reports that ensure your tests are correctly performed and documented. Our Test reports are recognised worldwide, our test reports clearly define the results through the use of text, photos, diagrams and data. Test Reports under normal circumstances are aimed to be issued within 2-3 days of completion of testing.

Consultancy - TRaC can provide direct technical support to assist in developing your product to meet regulatory specifications. Early consultation with TRaC will ensure you have accurate cost and timing estimates. At this stage we can help you plan the most cost-effective and timely test programme for your product. Planning for conformance testing will not only help you reduce the overall cost and testing time.

We can easily identify which range of tests exists that must be passed by your equipment if it is to fulfil the requirements placed upon it.

EMC – Military Vehicle Semi Anechoic EMC Chamber for Military EMC testing from TRaC Global

Test Facilities

EMC Testing

  • Large semi anechoic chamber 18mx14mx6m which can accommodate 70 ton axle weight vehicles.

  • Smaller chambers for Land Rover Sized vehicles.

  • Stirred Mode Chamber for high field RF

  • Screened rooms for conducted, transient and surge testing.

  • Automated indoor and outdoor Open Area Test Sites

  • High power RF Amplifiers

  • Mobile Site Test Teams

Safety Testing

  • Temperature controlled chambers

  • Dust ingress cabinets

  • Water ingress protection rigs and wet areas

  • ATEX explosion area

  • Mobile Site Teams

Radio/Wireless Testing

  • Modulation Analysers

  • Communications Analysers

  • Emission measurements to
    40 GHz

  • Temperature controlled chambers

  • Infrastructure simulators

  • Semi anechoic chambers

  • Open Area Test Site

TRaC your partner in global regulatory approvals and compliance.

100 Frobisher Business Park
Leigh Sinton Road
WR14 1BX

Tel:  +44 (0)843 6860 261

Contact: Alistair Bitcon (Military EMC Manager)

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