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Heyman Woodworth - Recruitment in Defence and Security– Making the Difference

The events of recent weeks and months have certainly changed the climate for recruitment; the fall in volume came as no surprise, but at Heyman Woodworth we have noticed that this has been accompanied by an interesting shift of emphasis. A number of companies that had brought in apparently sophisticated recruitment processes have discovered that these can be driven by the numbers and end up tending towards producing mediocre ‘safe bet’ outcomes. This resulted in shortlists composed of managers who were essentially efficient processors, but who might lack the initiative and drive to make that special contribution in more testing markets. Now that recruitment volumes have declined, there is a growing emphasis on bringing in individuals who, as well as being efficient deliverers, also have the additional capacity to identify new solutions and the ability to take sound decisions. Every head must count and, as the expectation is that everyone will be able to do more than is expected of them, this is a good time for companies to be seeking to raise benchmark quality!

Heyman Woodworth – an effective niche Recruitment Consultancy

This note gives you a very brief introduction to Heyman Woodworth – a recruitment consultancy that IS different. We don’t pretend to be the universal answer to all executive recruitment needs, but we are an extremely effective niche consultancy in the defence and security sectors. We can make a difference to your company.

We are often valued for adding an extra dimension to our clients’ external recruitment activity. We believe this is due to the combination of our approach, our differentiated referral networks and our access to a pool of capable, high-quality, candidates. We don’t deal in volume, but our approach means we can often succeed in filling ‘one-off’ or ‘difficult’ managerial and executive roles where some other recruitment firms might struggle. We focus on the ability to deliver outputs, moving beyond the sometimes narrow confines of role and person specifications. As a result, we are able to introduce candidates who, by working in ways that the client organisation will consider appropriate and suitable, do get things done, do make things happen, and do make a difference to overall performance. We believe passionately that recruitment transactions must be closely aligned with strategic intent – if they aren’t then the intent can quickly become diluted and the scope for achieving exceptional performance is reduced.

Ex-Military Recruitment Specialists

The majority of our candidates are individuals who have spent at least part of their career in the Armed Forces, serving in both operational units and in the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Many have subsequently developed into experienced managers and directors in a range of commercial sectors. As individuals they are used to getting to grips with new challenges, to taking decisions that matter, and to ensuring that results are achieved. They have already demonstrated the ability to transfer skills and capabilities to new environments, together with the energy and enthusiasm to deliver lasting change in evolving situations. In other words, they are best considered as high performance hires with plenty to offer a new employer.

If you think we might be able to add something to the success and effectiveness of your own company, we’d be happy to meet you to explore the possibility.

John Andrews  
020 7952 0703 

Specific Areas/Services

Programme & Project Management – Acquisition – Logistics – Sales & Business Development - Recruitment Services – Executive Search – Resourcing Consultancy


9 Dartmouth St

Tel:  +44 (0)20 7952 0703 / 0707


Contact: Mr John Andrews


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