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Ballistic Protection Products from LBA International Ltd

LBA International LTD produce a comprehensive range of Bullet Proof Vests, Body Armour, Ballistic Armour, Ballistic Helmets, shields and Personal Protection Equipment.

Bullet Proof Vests

Ballistic Helmets



200 Series of bullet proof vests have been designed to cover General Police activities leading up to a full tactical body armour vest for operational situations.

Available in many styles to suit individual requirements.


Bullet Proof Vests from LBA - 200 Series Police Vests

General features include:

  • Neck Protection (Optional)

  • Over the Shoulder Cover (Optional)

  • Quick draw groin protector (Optional)

  • Side, back and front protection

  • Fully adjustable shoulder and side panels for exact fit

  • Full Ballistic protection up to NIJ IIIA

  • Plate Pockets for LBA up-armour plates Level III or IV

  • Additional pockets

  • Full size & Colour range

  • Washable outer covers in Polycotton Codura or Nomex materials


The LBA 300 Series of vests have been designed for use in general operations world-wide.

Bullet Proof Vests from LBA - 300 Series Military Vests

General features include:

  • Front, Back and Side Cover

  • Adjustable Side Closure

  • Available in all ballistic levels

  • Fully Tropicalised

  • Full Range of Colours and Sizes

  • Removable and Washable Outer Cover

  • Utility Pockets (Optional)

  • Flame Retardant/Codura Cover (Optional)

  • Over Shoulder, Collar, Groin Protection (Optional)





The LBA 700 Series of body armour have been designed for general de-mining activities.

700 Series De-mining body armour from LBA

General features include:

  • Ballistic Deflecting Soft Armour Shield covering neck and upper body

  • Up Armour Plates increase protection to Level III or IV

  • Body protection up to Level F2 450m/sec

  • Removable ballistic inserts

  • Washable outer cover














 The LBA International T-Shirt bullet proof undervest is a sleeveless body armour garment designed to be worn under the tunic.

The LBA International T-Shirt bullet proof undervest is a sleeveless body armour garment designed to be worn under the tunic. The material covers used for this covert vest are thermal adjusting and are ideally suited for the hotter and more humid climates. The outer cover is produced in a Lycra type material which offers a very unobtrusive finish to the garment. Fully adjustable with a single closure under one arm.

The TSV can incorporate either anti - stab panels or be fitted with the latest Tetranike® lightweight flexible armour inserts which offer the highest levels of ballistic protection, maximum safety and mobility for the user.

LBA International Limited manufactures the TSV under strict UK/European quality control standards.

Key Features:

  • Supplied in thermo regulating materials and in Lycra to give a clean finish.

  • Tetranike® lightweight ballistic panels provide for optimum protection and flexibility to the wearer

  • Lightweight - Only 2kg for Medium size vest Level IIIA Protection


 The LBA International Ltd COV 101 is a sleeveless bullet proof garment designed to be worn under the tunic

The LBA International Ltd COV is a sleeveless bullet proof garment designed to be worn under the tunic.

The COV is fully adjustable and the latest Tetranike® flexible armour panels combine lightweight with the highest levels of anti-ballistic protection, providing maximum safety and optimum mobility for the user.

LBA International Ltd manufactures the COV under strict UK/European quality control standards.







Key Features:

  • The jackets can incorporate LBA contoured anti-stab or high velocity up-armour panels and can be supplied in other colours according to specification.

  • The lightweight Tetranike® armour panels can be quickly removed for maintenance purposes.

  • Meets all international police anti-ballistic test standards

  • Maximum reduction to trauma

  • Robust construction offers minimum maintenance

  • Lightweight high performance materials for maximum comfort and mobility


The Defender Military Helmet from LBA is a unique style of ballistic helmet, which introduces improved comfort and fit when using ear defenders 

The Defender is a unique style of ballistic helmet, which introduces improved comfort and fit when using ear defenders.

In addition to the same high anti-ballistic and impact trauma protection properties afforded by the other helmets in the range, the LBA Defender features full compatibility with circum-aural ear defenders such as the Peltor H61 F and the Davies CT 100. This makes the helmet an ideal candidate for use by special tactical teams who require both ballistic protection and communication/hearing protection.

The Defender Helmet was originally developed for the Swedish army (helmet 90) and has undergone considerable revision since then to improve comfort, reduce weight, and meet new exacting standards.


The PASGT Ballistic Helmet from LBA 

A US style military helmet, but with improved performance to weight characteristics.

LBA Internationals own version of the widely adopted 'PASGT' Helmet (the US Personal Armour System Ground Troops' protection system) uses the Company's unique advanced processing techniques to provide enhanced shell protection, at lower weight, with an improved comfort factor.

The improved harness system not only improves comfort, balances and stress fatigue but only uses 5 bolts as opposed to the normal 8 in the standard US Version. The harness also absorbs shock in excess of the standards laid down in EN 397.


LBA Combat Helmet 

The Combat Helmet style is used throughout the world due to its compact, aerodynamic profile and light weight.

The LBA Combat Helmet is the most popular ballistic helmet in our range, and has become standard issue to military, police and tactical teams throughout the world.

This has only been achieved by combining high ballistic performance, low weight and comfort, with low cost. Qualities which LBA achieve by using unique materials, processing methods and design facilities.

The Combat Helmet is available in a range of sizes and protection levels, including 44 magnum tested to NIJ Level IIIA. The helmet has many features including easy maintenance compatibility with other military equipment, ergonomic design and durability. It is fully adjustable and simple in its design.

With well over 100,000 helmets sold, the qualities of this product speak for itself.


The LBA Paratrooper Helmet is produced in the styles of either the Combat or PASGT according to the customer's choice. 

The LBA Paratrooper Helmet is produced in the styles of either the Combat or PASGT according to the customer's choice.

The differences to the individual Paratroop Helmet is in the internal fitments of the helmet which provide increased protection to accept the additional inertia involved in parachuting.

The LBA Paratroop Helmet when adapted for use by airborne forces exceed the EN966 standards required.

Key Features:

  • Available in PASGT or COMBAT styles

  • Full Ballistic range

  • Available in standard colours of Black, Navy, Grey, UN blue, Khaki

  • Additional impact absorbing liner

  • Fully adjustable crown

  • Accept acceleration of up to 250G

  • Outer cloth Camouflage cover (optional)

  • Bolt Free Helmet

  • 3 point Harness Attachment with Quick Release Straps



Flat Protective Shields from LBA 

LBA international Limited PK Tetramid® armour materials are incorporated in the new range of lightweight protective shields which are highly mobile and provide maximum protection to personnel and equipment.

All LBA shields provide the same levels of ballistic protection up to NIJ Level IIIA, maximum performance to weight ratio and large area cover; they are robust, easily maintained and transportable.










Curved Ballistic Shields from LBA 


LBA Ballistic Shields offer the best protection/weight ratios currently available.

Alternative Shield Options:

  • Ladder Shields for special operations.

  • Firing Port Shield fitted with supporting brackets.






LBA International Ltd
1 & 2 Macadam Close
Drayton Fields
NN11 8RX

Tel:  +44 (0) 1327 311020
Fax: +44 (0) 1327 311030





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