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Body Armour from the Trojan Group Ltd

There is only one chance in a violent attack and that's why Trojan's Home Office certified, armour vests are becoming the choice of professionals.

Due to the armour vests unique properties it has been featured twice on BBC's Tomorrow's World as the first soft body armour to withstand automatic fire from an Uzi and its high level of protection against knife attack.

Tragically violent attacks are becoming the more common throughout the UK. There are different types of physical attacks that take place and all round protection is required to ensure that the body armour you have selected performs when under threat. These threats include:

  • Ballistic

  • Knife & Spike

  • Fragment Blast - shrapnel or flying glass

  • Blunt Trauma Attack - being punched and kicked, or being hit with an object such as a pipe.

This is why it is important to have body armour that is proven to meet required threat levels and has been certified as performing to the required standards by the Home Office. Trojan's cost effective vest's reduces this risk through its lightweight and easy to wear design, whilst providing a high level of protection. The unique properties of their armour vest's provide resistance to ballistic, bomb-blast fragment, knife and needle attack in a single vest.

Trojan Group has been appointed as an approved UK commercial distributor of our armour vest range. The armour vest range consists of both overt and covert protection, shown above, normally available from stock in standard sizes and made to measure in outsize. The core defensive element of the armour vest is an aramid compound that keeps its resistance properties unlike traditional body armour.

Trojan's armour vest's have been tested and passed to the Home Office PDSB HG1A+KR1 and HG2+KR2 at the Royal Military College of Science, the official test laboratory for UK Home Office Police Scientific Development Branch (PDSB). These standards cover both knife and ballistic resistance standards. Copies of their armour vest certificates are available on request.

There are two types of protection in the Body Armour range, higher and standard protection. Standard protection is certified to Home Office PDSB HG1A+KR1 ratings and higher protection is to Home Office PDSB HG1A+KR1 and HG2+KR2 ratings. The higher protection level can be increased to include resistance against Shotgun and Rifle with the addition of specially design plate pockets and certified armour plates. The higher protection level overt and covert can be upgraded to included plate pockets for rifle and shotgun protection. Collar and groin protection can be added to both the standard and higher protection overt vests.

Armour Vest carry bags and Security Badges are available as optional extra's. Overt vests are available in standard and long. Due to the flexibility of their manufacturer Trojan are able to produce variants of their range to suit your particular needs. Whilst there would be cost implications they would gladly quote on your specific requirements.

The covert vest is available in black, green, white and beige colour. Pieces in excess of 100 vests will be quoted separately. Trojan's overt armour vest is sold in four colours, Black, Green, Blue and Navy. Body armour comes in all standard sizes. A good fit, worn correctly, with appropriate over-clothing, can conceal most types of body armour. All of Trojan's products can defeat multiple hits and all models are tested and certified after defeating 6 bullets of various sizes and speeds.

Trojan will replace free of charge any body armour that has been shot in a legal confrontation. Call them immediately if this should happen, a comprehensive police report is essential. All of their body armour products are designed for your protection, and are completely legal no laws in Great Britain exist to prevent you purchasing, owning or wearing these products. There is a five year warranty on the ballistics material and a 12 month warranty on the removable outer cover.

All of their products have a full money back 7 day guarantee, as long as no damage or physical interference to the product is in evidence.

The Trojan Group Ltd
Unit 80, 1 Station Road
East Sussex

Tel: +44 (0)1273 477666
Fax: +44 (0)1273 471256

Contact: Mr Andrew Lynch (Director)

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