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Composite Helmets and Body Armour from NP Aerospace

NP Aerospace offers a wide range of Composite Ballistic Protection Helmets, Combat Helmets, Special Forces Helmets, EOD Helmets and Riot Helmets. To complement these helmets a range of Ballistic Jackets and Body Armour for Military, Police and Civilian users is also available.

NP Aerospace sells directly to Governments, Police Forces, Aid Agencies and News Crews. Our products are not for sale to the general public.


NP Aerospace offers the widest range of composite ballistic protection helmets that are available.

Each style in the range has itís own properties.

To order use the contact details below and outline your requirements.

NP Aerospace offers the widest range of composite ballistic protection helmets that are available.
AC 200/650 Combat Helmet from NP Aerospace


AC 200/650 Combat Helmet

The popular AC200/650, worn by many European Armies provides a high 17-grain fragmentation performance of 650 m/s, and meets equivalent of NIJ Level IIIA performance when tested in the panel form. It interfaces with a wide range of respirators, headsets and visors, and is NATO Codified.

New In Service GS MK6A Combat Helmet from NP Aerospace New In Service GS MK6A Combat Helmet

The GS MK6A is NATO Codified, and combines all the outstanding features of the GS MK6 helmet with an even higher ballistic performance and only a minimal increase in the helmet weight. Designed specially for "Top Cover" operations. Can also be used for all normal combat duties.
Para Helmet from NP Aerospace

Para Helmet

The Para helmet provides for the highest impact performance of any in-service helmet available today. Using NP's patented preforming technology, long term reliability is assured. NATO Codified.

AC400/600 Combat Helmet from NP Aerospace

AC400/600 Combat Helmet

The AC400/600, similar to the popular US Army shape, provides for good protection from fragments.

GS MK6 Combat Helmet from NP Aerospace


This British Army in service combat proven helmet offers comfort, impact and fragmentation protection. The ballistic protective shell is exceptionally tough and has an almost unlimited service life.

The helmet is designed to interface with a range of ear defenders, communication equipment, gas masks and respirators. The high impact liner forms an integral feature of this helmets design.

AFV/400 Combat Helmet from NP Aerospace

AFV/400 Combat Helmet

This in-service helmet provides interface capability with a wide range of communication/protective headsets. Can be used for mounted and dismounted operations. NATO Codified.

AC900/600 Helmet from NP Aerospace


AC900/600 Helmet

New weapon systems demanded the removal of the traditional helmet peak to ensure compatibility. The AC900/600 provides a high area of coverage, improved compatibility with new weapon sights, respirators and communication systems. A very stable helmet, the AC900/600 is the premier product in the Special Forces Helmet range.

AC100/600 Helmet from NP Aerospace

AC100/600 Helmet

The AC100/600 was designed in 1986 to meet the demanding requirements of Special Forces operations and is still successfully in operation with many forces today. This product is specially designed to interface with respirators, communications / active noise reduction, goggles, night vision and visor assemblies.

AC200/620 Helmet from NP Aerospace

AC200/620 Helmet

The AC200/620 entered service with Special Forces in 1994. Slightly lighter in weight than the AC100/600, it provides similar features with a shape more acceptable to users, and influenced by the very popular US Army shape.

 AC600/575 Helmet from NP Aerospace

†AC600/575 Helmet

The AC600/575 Special Forces helmet has proved very popular with Forces in the Far East. It is lighter than both the AC100/600 and AC200/620 helmets, and therefore far more suitable for this area.

AC800/400 Helmet from NP Aerospacer

AC800/400 Helmet

The AC800/400 Rapid Intervention Helmet has large "ear cups" to interface with exceptionally large active noise reduction headsets.

AC1000/600 EOD Helmet from NP Aerospace


AC1000/600 EOD Helmet

The AC1000/600 Search Helmet provides a very high level of protection from IEOD's (Improved Explosive Ordnance Devices) whilst providing a good level of ventilation and significantly reducing head acceleration in the event of an IEOD explosion.

Combat EOD Helmet from NP Aerospace

Combat EOD Helmet

The Combat EOD Helmet, worn by Army Engineers, has been tested and proven to provide significantly enhanced protection when performing demining and explosive ordnance operations. This helmet is NATO Codified.

AC830/EOD Demining Helmet from NP Aerospace

AC830/EOD Demining Helmet

Disposal of anti-personnel mines requires a less ballistically protected capability. The AC830 Helmet and Visor provides a light weight solution for such mine disposal operations. Used extensively by Humanitarian Aid Agencies, the AC830 EOD helmet is an industry standard.

NP/LE Internal Security Helmet from NP Aerospace


NP/LE Internal Security Helmet

The NP/LE Ballistic Protective Riot helmet is a well proven riot helmet used by European Armies for many years to support the police in public order operations. The unique "petrol seal" on the visor helmet interface and a fire proof neck protector assures petrol bombs are dealt with efficiently. This helmet is NATO Codified.

AC1100/400 Internal Security Helmet from NP Aerospace

AC1100/400 Internal Security Helmet

The AC1100/400 Ballistic helmet has a very high level of head coverage with a 3mm Polycarbonate visor and "petrol seal" to provide enhanced levels of protection. Interfaces with gas mask and communication systems.

AC1100/R Internal Security Helmet from NP Aerospace

AC1100/R Internal Security Helmet

The AC1100 Polycarbonate Riot helmet provides good levels of protection from blunt trauma impact. Enhanced by a 3mm visor, neck protector and "petrol seal" to provide enhanced protection to both face and neck.

AC1200/700 Internal Security Helmet from NP Aerospace

AC1200/700 Internal Security Helmet

The AC1200/700 is the most ballistically protective Riot helmet available and provides (17-grain) V50 of 700 m/s that is unsurpassable. Compatibility with respirators and communication systems ensures this is the most protective helmet available for riot duty today.

CBA Ballistic Protection Jacket from NP Aerospace

CBA Ballistic Protection Jacket

Combat proven over many years, this flak jacket provides a realistic level of protection at a weight which is acceptable for long duration usage. Front opening with side size adjustments ensures good fit throughout the size range. Design provides full armour overlap at maximum girth extension. Designed to accept NIJ Level III plates at front and rear.

CA/BA Ballistic Protection Vest from NP Aerospace

CA/BA Ballistic Protection Vest

The widely used Body Armour meets NIJ Level IIIA armour performance and accepts plates to lift protection over the heart to level NIJ II or Level IV. Like the CBA, this Body Armour comes in a range of eight sizes.

CPV 700 Body Armour from NP Aerospace

CPV 700 Body Armour

The CPV700 is a discrete armoured vest designed to be worn under a shirt or jacket. This vest provides a guaranteed overlap at the side of the chest. The ballistic fillers can be removed in order to launder the outer.

CPV 800 Body Armour from NP Aerospace

CPV 800 Body Armour

The CPV800 Combat Swimmers Vest provides a lightweight NIJ Level IIA, II or IIIA vest manufactured in "polyethylene" to ensure performance in this hostile environment.

CPV 900 Body Armour from NP Aerospace

CPV 900 Body Armour

The CPV 900 Special Forces Buoyancy Vest is supplied in NIJ Level IIA, II or IIIA to meet users' threat requirements. Manufactured in "polyethylene" similar to the CPV800 this high performance vest provides substantial enhanced buoyancy for marine applications. A self-righting buoyancy collar can be fitted under the ballistic collar if required.

CPV 1000 Body Armour from NP Aerospace

CPV 1000 Body Armour

NP supplies a wide range of non-defence users including Government Officials, Aid Agencies, News Crews and Transport Drivers..

The CPV1000 complete with plates and protective helmet, all contained in a purpose made bag, has proved very popular with a wide range of users

For more information about NP Aerospace's Helmets and Body Armour visit their website

473 Foleshill Road

Tel: +44 (0)24 7670 2802
Fax: +44 (0)24 7668 7313

Email: †††
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