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Typhoon from 29 Sqn RAF

Typhoon is an advanced, agile fighter aircraft which is replacing the Tornado F3 and Jaguar in air defence and offensive air support roles.

It is a collaborative programme involving the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain and is an aircraft optimised for air-to-air combat but with an air-to-surface capability.

The state-of-the art aircraft is set to be the RAF's major front-line type for many years to come, replacing the RAF's Tornado F3 fighters and Jaguar fighter-bombers in front-line service. It's low weight and high thrust means it can reach 36,000ft (10,970m) in under 2 minutes from a standing start

One major advantage of the aircraft over current types is its ability to undertake 'swing role' missions. For these, Typhoon can be equipped to undertake both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions in a single sortie, switching between the two separate attack modes in flight, something not possible with a Tornado GR4 for example. And with nine under wing weapon-mounting points, Typhoon will be equipped with 2 x Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (ASRAAMs), 4 x Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAMs) whilst simultaneously carrying air-to-surface ordnance which could include Laser Guided Bombs (Paveway 2 and 3 or Enhanced Paveway), Brimstone anti-armour weapon, Storm Shadow cruise missiles and Air Launched Anti-Radiation Missiles (ALARMs), the aircraft packs a mighty punch. Ultimately, Meteor, a combination of rocket and air-breathing technology, will replace AMRAAM as Typhoon's primary long range air-to-air missile.


  • Air Defence

  • Air Interdiction (AI). Low- or medium-level attacks using precision-guided, freefall or retarded bombs.

  • Suppression of Enemy Air Defences (SEAD - pronounced 'see-add). Attacks on enemy air defence systems such as surface-to-air missile positions with ALARM.

Typhoon entered service with the RAF in 2003; since then the partner nation air forces have been undertaking the important process of training and operational evaluation that will allow Typhoon to be fully integrated into their respective force structures. There are currently 43 Typhoons in-service with the RAF, with two operational squadrons and two training and operational evaluation squadrons based at RAF Coningsby.

Typhoon assumed operational duties for the first time on 29 Jun 07 when it began to take on air defence responsibility for UK mainland from Tornado F3. Subsequent operational milestones are planned for 2008, providing capability for RAF Typhoon to deploy on overseas operations. Contracts have been secured to deliver an initial precision air-to-surface capability on RAF Typhoon Tranche 1 aircraft (from Jul 08) as well as more significant capability enhancements for Tranche 2 aircraft (from 2011).

Under the four-nation programme, the aircraft is planned to be delivered in three tranches. Contracts for production of the first tranche of 148 aircraft, 55 of which are for the RAF, were signed in September 1998. Contracts for the second tranche were signed in December 2004 which will result in a further 89 aircraft for the RAF. A decision on the third production buy of the aircraft will be made in coordination with partner nations and industry throughout 2007-08.

TYPHOON  Specifications
Crew 1
Length 15.96m
Height 5.23m
Wingspan 10.95m
Max Speed 1,321mph/2,125 kph
Empty Weight 22,000lb/9,999kg
Max Take-Off Weight 46,305lb/21,000kg
Ferry Range 5,382 km/3,310 miles with 4 x drop tanks
Engine 2 x Eurojet EJ200 turbofans
Armament 1 x 27mm (first RAF batch only)
Air Interdiction 2 x Storm Shadow
  2 x ALARM
  4 x AMRAAM
  2 x ASRAAM
  2 x 1,500 litre fuel tank
  1 x 1,000 litre fuel tank
Close Air Support 18 x Brimstone
  4 x AMRAAM
  2 x ASRAAM
  1 x 1,000 litre fuel tank
  4 x AMRAAM
  2 x ASRAAM
  1 x 1,000 litre fuel tank
Maritime Attack 4 x Penguin
  4 x AMRAAM
  2 x ASRAAM
  2 x 1,500 litre fuel tank
  1 x 1,000 litre fuel tank
Also  Sidewinder AAM; Meteor BVRAAM; Paveway II,III, EPR (IV) LGB; JDAM or other PGB

In service with:

3 Squadron 12 x Typhoon RAF Coningsby
17 (R) Squadron 6e x Typhoon RAF Coningsby (Typhoon OEU)
29 Squadron 12e x Typhoon RAF Coningsby (Typhoon OCU)
11 Squadron 12 x Typhoon RAF Coningsby


ULTRA ELECTRONICS CEMS - Ultra Electronics provide printed circuit board assembly, heat stress and vibration testing, potting, conformal coating

TRaC - EMC Testing

SELEX GALILEO - CAPTOR 3rd Gen. coherent multimode radar - (primary sensor)/ Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS)/ Passive Infrared Airborne Track Equipment


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