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Protec Training and Consultancy offer a wide range of 4 x 4 Driver Training courses, Advanced Driver Training Courses, Fleet Driver Training Courses, Security and Close Protection Driver Training Skills, Emergency Services Driver Training, Advanced Motorcycle Training, Military Driver Training, Trailer Towing and Safety Courses, Winch Operator Training Courses as well as HSE First Aid and Survival Training and Fieldcraft Skills Courses. As a provider of specialist driving skills, our record and expertise is unrivalled.

The following courses are available as standard :

If you have a training requirement not listed here or require to operate in specialist vehicles etc. Please contact us for further information on our bespoke training services. Call us now 01294 833648

Our training centre near Glasgow is warm, comfortable and fitted out with state-of-the-art visual aids. We are close to both of Scotland's major airports and will happily arrange collection from either. There is a wide range of accommodation available in the area from B&B to top class hotels and country clubs.


All of our 4x4 courses now include an on-road session which highlights the differences between 4x4s and cars on the road and makes drivers aware of the limitations of the 4x4, understanding the unique characteristics of these vehicles. We are the only 4x4 training organisation which offers this as a standard part of 4x4 training courses.

4x4 courses with Protec are generic and cover all types of 4x4 makes and systems and the practical training can be carried out in our vehicles or your own. Every course also has a session on practical recovery techniques.

All our 4x4 training courses carry LANTRA Awards certification. This is the Health & Safety Executive recommended level of training for professional operators.

See more information about all our 4x4 Driver Training Courses


These vary in length from one to five days. Our courses are based on those taught to police forces UK-wide and taught by experienced specialist driving instructors - not enthusiastic amateurs. More importantly, by attending a full-time course with us, we have time to comprehensively introduce and develop concepts from start to finish. This ensures maximum understanding and practical experience. Our full-time, DSA approved professional trainers can teach you to drive in like you never thought possible. In addition. you will realise the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk of being involved in an accident

  • Reduced fuel bills

  • Reduced repair bills

  • Better progress by better planning

  • Less frustration

  • Less confrontation

  • Less wasted time

See more information about our Advanced Driver Training and Advanced Motorcycle Training Courses

EMERGENCY SERVICES DRIVER TRAINING for Coastguard - Ambulance - Mountain Rescue -EOD - Fire Service - Blood Delivery - Tissue Transfer-Military - NGO - UK and Worldwide........

Our Standard Response Driving Course is that delivered by Scottish Police forces and to Military Police and Nuclear Emergency Response teams. It is considered to be among the highest standards available anywhere in the world. It is taught by experienced, professional instructors who hold a Police Advanced Driving Certificate and who have been involved in training a wide range of emergency vehicle operators. Our instructors are all DSA approved and qualified.

The 10 day course covers the following:

  • System of Car Control
  • Driver Attitudes
  • Night driving - observations and dealing with fatigue
  • Roadcraft Knowledge
  • Vehicle Knowledge
  • Use of auxiliary warning equipment
  • Techniques for making progress in urban and rural environments
  • Factors Affecting Vehicle Stability
  • Skid Control

See more information about our Emergency Services Driver Training Courses


We will teach you the essentials of 4x4, recovery techniques, basic checks and maintenance procedures. We will also help you put together a list of spares and equipment you should be taking with you. (Feel free to add to it as well!)

Our remote-area first aid training will give you as many of the skills as you can get as non-medical professionals. Hopefully enough to stabilise and evacuate a serious casualty. But then you need to know where you are and the fastest route out - it's not always the shortest.........

You can pick and mix these courses as you fell necessary or why not tell us where you are going and what you will be doing, your level of experience and that of any others going and we can make some recommendations for you.

See more information about our Personal Security and Hostile Environment Driver Training Courses


These courses carry a LANTRA Awards certification which is recognised throughout the UK. It covers the law, safety checks, loading and security, correct weight distribution. using different types of hitch and matching the trailer to the towing vehicle. There is also a practical manoeuvring session and on-road driving phase.

See more information about our Trailer Training courses


Winches are versatile powerful and effective when used correctly. Our training course will show you how to operate a variety of winches in different situations as safely as possible. Throughout the course you will use a variety of equipment including:

  • Hydraulic and Electric vehicle winches
  • Tirfor / Jetrope type winches
  • Steel wire and Plasma (HDPE) ropes
  • Ground anchors
  • Pulley blocks

See more information about our Winching courses


Our trainers are amongst some of the most experienced and highly qualified around.

As a pre-requisite they are all Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructors, have first aid qualifications and instruct on a regular basis. They also attend regular refresher training themselves and continuing professional development is regarded as essential. Personality and attitude are as important as any technical ability and experience. As well as in-car teaching skills, all our trainers are expert presentersAs a pre-requisite they are all Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructors, have first aid qualifications and instruct on a regular basis. They also attend regular refresher training themselves and continuing professional development is regarded as essential. Personality and attitude are as important as any technical ability and experience. As well as in-car teaching skills, all our trainers are expert presenters

Meet one of our senior trainers

With 17 years of military service which took him all over the world, Ken has an impressive portfolio of credentials. On the driving side he holds a UK Police Advanced qualification, ROSPA Diploma and advanced certificates for motorcycle as well as car. A highly experienced 4x4 driver and trainer he is a member of the LANTRA professional register and helped develop their trailer training courses.

On top of this Ken has vast experience in the security field and is a qualified close protection officer and first-aid trainer. He has nationally recognised instructional qualifications as well as tremendous experience in delivering training courses and presentations all over the world and to a huge variety of people from schoolchildren to senior government officials and diplomats.

If you want to learn - there can be few better teachers.

Craighead Farm

Tel: +44 (0)1294 833648



Contact: Mr Kenneth Stewart (Director)

Products/Services :

  • 4 x 4 Driver Training Courses
  • 4 x 4 Vehicles
  • Advanced Driver and Motorcycle Training Courses
  • Driver Training
  • Emergency Services Driver Training
  • Military Resettlement Courses
  • Preparation for Expedition and Survival Training Courses
  • Resettlement Courses and Training
  • Security and Close Protection Driving Skills Course
  • Specialist Driver Training Courses
  • Training Courses
  • Winch Operator and Vehicle Recovery Training Courses

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