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Resound provides intelligent Two-Way communication solutions for public safety and security applications for organisations large and small, using a wide range of analogue and digital wire less equipment. The team consists of dedicated long-term employees with a shared goal - to provide excellent customer service.

Resound's clients include Emergency services, Education facilities, Manufacturers and National retailers, who are supported by an expert team of engineers. They provide long term solutions in addition to installation, repair, hire facilities and lease rental options.

Resound has been quality accredited since the 1990s and was one of the first radio communication company’s in the UK to be accredited to the revised standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000 adopting procedures to adopt an excellent customer-focused service.

are a Member of the Federation of Communication Services which promotes the industry and provides valuable liaison with government agencies to ensure the full value of mobile communications is realised and supported.

Resound value their relationship with OFCOM and recognize how important the efficient management of the radio spectrum is to their business and all of their customers.


is a highly flexible interface unit which can be used to provide an effective data connection between almost any data source and many types of radio communication system. An example of where this is best applied is when Flashpointer is used with a fire alarm panel. When the Alarm is activated the information is transmitted to a Handset and displayed as text. It is possible to accommodate both the modern address alarm, and the older legacy systems. In addition Flashpointer has been supplied fully compatible with Building Management Systems (BMS) to provide a wide range of information output.

is a telephone system interface unit which can be used to provide a two-way voice connection between almost any telephone system and many types of radio communication system. Callpointer is used to connect an on-site PABX telephone system to a Base Station so that any telephone extension can contact any radio handset. In reverse, a suitable radio handset can contact any telephone user and hold a conversation with them. Where the radio handset is fitted with a full keypad the maximum dialling flexibility is achieved.

is a system which allows Text to be inputted at a PC or Workstation and transmitted to a radio Handset and displayed as a readable message. Taskpointer provides an effective means of communicating status messages to your team members on-site. In addition the handset can send Status Messages to provide the office with confirmation that the job has been completed.

Pinpointer is a system which allows the location of radio handsets to be determined and the information displayed. The system installation comprises a number of small low power beacons which provide the handset with positional information. The handset will communicate its Identity and Position to the control point as necessary. In the event of an incident an emergency button on the handset can be used to summon assistance. This facility is useful in improving lone worker safety.

Mandown is a facility which can be incorporated in many types of on-site portable radio systems. The radio handset with this facility will sense the transition from vertical to horizontal and provide the handset user with an audible warning that an alarm is about to be transmitted. If no action is taken within a short period - usually ten seconds - the handset will send an alarm transmission to a control point with the identity of the caller.

Lone Worker is a facility which can be incorporated in many types of on-site portable radio systems. The radio handset with this facility will sense whether a user has made a transmission within a preset period. If there has been no radio activity within this period the handset will provide an audible alert. The user can acknowledge the alert by pressing a button on the handset which will reset the timer; if no reset is obtained the handset will send an alarm to a control point with the identity of the caller.


Maintenance & Repair

Resound aim to achieve a high level of service with rapid response times. Spare equipment is available to cover unserviceable equipment on most types of systems. They request that customers’ documentation should detail the nature of the fault condition and the urgency of the service needed.

New customers who require equipment serviced should dispatch small items to Resound by post, carefully packed, and using a suitable overnight parcel courier. Please ensure that a goods note is enclosed showing the name and address and telephone number for contact.

If the equipment is fixed or non-portable please contact them by phone to register your requirements and receive a unique Service Request Number. Alternatively you may obtain a unique Service Request Number in advance of sending small items to ensure they expect their delivery.

Installation Service

Resound offer installation of most systems throughout the UK by their own technicians. Their experience extends to vehicles operated by emergency services, public transport, and heavy goods transit. vehicle electrical systems operating at 12 volts, 24 volts and 48 volts can be accommodated using suitable voltage converters which are held in stock. Many types of vehicle aerials can be fitted including low profile, magnetic, glass mount and covert.

Antenna System Installation

The base station antenna system is probably the most important item in any installation. We provide a wide range of masts, towers, feeder cables and antennas to suit any requirement. The antenna radiating pattern is carefully considered when designing and specifying the radio system to ensure the coverage is adequate. In addition our long term experience of the requirements of the Licensing Authority which is OFCOM in the UK will ensure that the design will not exceed the known licence limitations.

Programming Capability

The programming of most popular types of two-way radio equipment can be undertaken by our service department. We are familiar with most of the commonly used signalling systems including Selective Calling using 5Tone and FFSK. We can often suggest small changes in equipment programming which will enhance its operation and add value for the user.

Systems Analysis

Where a system is not providing the level of service required we offer our consultancy service which will provide a system inspection, analysis and a written report which can be used to determine technical options and funding requirements. This service may not necessarily be chargeable depending on the system complexity.

Maintenance Contracts

Our annual RadCare maintenance contracts provide peace of mind on a fixed budget. Many types of communication equipment are covered and the availability of service spare equipment support can be specified.

Short Term Hire

We offer a range of equipment to suit every individual requirement. Sound advice is the key to a successful event where your communication system is a real asset to the busy manager.

TETRAFLEX® Compact Tetra Base Station

Resound Ltd is the Main UK Distributor for the TetraFlex® Compact Tetra Base Station which is manufactured by DAMM CS in Denmark.

The BS421 Compact Tetra Base Station is about the size of a briefcase and can be supplied for indoor or outdoor use. Resound Ltd can advise on vehicle mounting or use in a vessel or aircraft with suitable antennas.

A Transportable version is also available in a rugged waterproof carrying case.

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11 Anglo Business Park
Smeaton Close
HP19 8UP

Tel: +44 (0)1296 330568

Fax: +44 (0)1296 420159



Contact: Coleen Allen (Director)

Products/Services :

  • Analogue Communication Equipment
  • Communications Equipment and Systems
  • Digital Communication Equipment
  • Radio Communication Systems
  • Secure Communications Systems and Equipment
  • Secure Data and Communications
  • Security Equipment and Systems
  • Tactical and Data Communications
  • Tactical Data Links

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