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Axiom Manufacturing Services manufactures high-technology, internet-protocol-sensitive products for customers in medical, defence, industrial and aerospace markets and focuses on providing contract electronic manufacturing services (EMS) to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who do not want to manufacture some or all of their products in house.

Axiom has invested in a fully automated, robotic, precision conformal coating system, providing highly accurate application of conformal coatings to printed circuit board assemblies by way of a 4 axis spray head system.

Our PCB assembly extends to offering hand insertion of components. Not all components are suitable to go through an automated process. This is when the added benefit of having fully trained operators with an eye for detail completes our PCB assembly services.

Axiom has extensive experience of multiple test platforms, which are supported by a test engineering team dedicated to continually evaluate product test flow and cycle time efficiency. Through this evaluation, test costs, first time yield is improved upon, downtime is reduced and test costs minimised.

A complete range of electronics manufacturing services are available from design support, prototyping, new product introduction, PCB assembly, sub assembly, product assembly, test, warehousing and logistics through to after market services which includes repair and rework. For a full range of Axiom's services and markets we serve please use links below:

From initial design concept to production, Axiom works in partnership to make sure that projects are consistently driven through to meet customerís needs, quality, time scales and budgets.

Axiomís highly skilled account managers and cross functional team of experts, in which suppliers and customers play a key role, ensure new product realisation is achieved at the overall optimum total acquisition cost.

Product realisation falls into these key categories:-


By carefully monitoring technology, market and customer trends; Axiom positions itself at the forefront of contract electronics manufacturing services to the medical, defence, aerospace and industrial markets.

Pursuing manufacturing excellence is second nature to Axiom, we are able to react quickly to changing marketplace conditions, work efficiently and effectively to reach targets whilst managing costs and quality. Our manufacturing services fall into the following categories:-

Our passion for what we do, our commitment to innovation in whatever we do and continual improvement means that we stay committed to our objective of being the partner of choice. Axiom achieves the highest levels of excellence in each and every operation that it undertakes, providing our customers with a world class manufacturing solution.

Axiom has extensive experience and capability in providing our customers with, cost effective, total test solutions. From in-process inspection through to customised fully functional testing Axiom has the skill sets to ensure the highest levels of product quality.

The in-house test engineering team provides development for in-circuit (ICT) and functional test, while strategically formed alliances with external organisations complement this to offer customers an unrivalled test strategy.

Test and Inspection Strategies:-


Axiom understands the importance to its customers of total acquisition cost. Minimum liability coupled with flexibility provides the advantage needed in ever more competitive markets. Axiom supply chain is the cornerstone of a collaborative turnkey process that seamlessly manages your products complete lifecycle Ė from product concept, manufacturing, logistics and after-market service.

  • Integrated, Tailor-Made Supply Chains

  • Design For Procurement

  • Preferential Commodity Pricing

  • Consigned Commodity Store

  • Agreed Minimum Materials Liability

  • On Time Delivery

  • Demand Fluctuation Management


Post production services

  • Market Quality Investigation

  • Rework & Repair

  • Warehousing

  • Logistics

Value Added Services

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Project Management

  • Programme Management

  • Quality Management

  • Account Management

  • Environmental Services††



Working together to solve the competitive pressures of reduced time to market, shorter product introduction cycles, through life costs and effective supply chain management. Axiom puts innovation and quality at the heart of everything that it does for its customers. When we decided that we wanted to work with the defence and aerospace industry we pulled out all of the stops to achieve our AS9100 accreditation.

Because of the rigorous quality standards already employed within the company we were able to secure the UKAS AS9100 in under a month compared to the average six months it normally takes manufacturers to reach this demanding standard.

Axiom are fully conversant with RoHS and WEEE legislation. If and when the need arises we can guide you through the process to assess the relative risks of changing or not changing the design.

Martin Burridge is our defence and aerospace specialist you can contact him on 01495 242106.

Working together to deliver life critical products which are high quality and dependable whilst focusing on reducing time-to-market and increasing cost efficiency.

Axiom has been involved in providing high quality, reliable and cost effective manufacturing services to leading medical device companies for many years. We compliment you with innovative technology skills and a strong focus on account management with robust processes and quality.

Technology developments enable the healthcare sector to provide more effective patient care, saving time and speeding the delivery of appropriate treatment. Axiom understands the constraints that you are working under and works as your resource to enable you to meet your commitments.

Gareth Becket is our medical specialist you can contact him on 01495 242189.


Working together to develop innovative strategies, solutions and services which provide you with a complete solution from product realisation to worldwide logistics.

Whilst some OEMs are sending their manufacturing offshore, there are many who recognise the value that a UK based company like Axiom can offer.† Many of our customers have stayed with us because of the added value services that we offer.

For all of our customers we become a virtual extension to their business, one who† understands the competitive pressures that they are under and†provides timely, cost effective, quality products and services enabling them to get on with running the rest of the business.

Mark Lewis is our industrial specialist you can contact him on 01495 242044.

Technology Park
NP11 5AN

Tel: +44 (0)1495 242130

Fax: +44 (0)1495 242096



Products/Services :

  • Circuit Board Manufacturer
  • Conformal Coating
  • Contract Electronics Manufacture - CEM
  • Design and Development
  • Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
  • Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Systems Integration

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