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1st Call Glass Care installs window film for businesses across the UK. We fit Safety Window Film, Bomb Blast Protection Window Films, Security Window film, Anti-Graffiti Protection Window Film, Anti-Shatter Window Film, Solar Control Window Film, Fade and Glare Control Window Film, Insulation Window Film, Privacy and Security Window Film and Decoration Window Film. See below for more information about our range of window films.

Large glass manufacturing company with solar heat problems on shop floor.  Even though the glass was already of a very high standard the benefits of a solar ocntrol exterior kynar film were needed with edge sealing to stop corrosion of film. Work in progress at glass manufacturers.  As you can see scaffolding was used.  All installation teams have pasma certificates are IPAF trained and hold CSCS cards. What a difference!


Safety window film will greatly improve the strength of your glass. In the event of glass breaking safety window film will contain the fragments of glass thus protecting any bystanders. Safety window film will upgrade existing glass so inferior glass does not need replacing and will comply with regulation 14.

Safety and security window film protects against thieves and vandals

This film is ideal if you are looking to protect your buildings from theft & vandalism.

Available in a range of thicknesses from 100 microns to 400 microns, the film can be fitted internally or externally and can be clear or tinted.

This film passes impact tests British Standards BSEN12600 for class 2B2 (100 micron) and BSEN12600 for class 1B1 (175 microns and thicker).


With terrorism on the increase and the UK a prime target, our bomb blast protection window film can minimise the stress and disruption to your staff and business. Most injuries in these situations are caused by flying glass and by fitting our window film we can make your building far safer for your employees, providing piece of mind for all involved.

Contact 1st Call Glass Care, we can specify, supply and install as we are approved installers for a number of leading UK film protection manufacturers.

1st Call Glass are ISO 9001:2000 accredited and are active members of the Glass and Glazing Federation.


Installation on conservatory roof showing difference contrast in colour

Insulation window film can help in both winter and summer. It will give up to 15% reduction of winter heat loss (single pane) and hence a reduction in energy costs.

In summer the film can help to reduce glare by up to 44%, giving a great improvement in working conditions. This film also absorbs 33% of solar energy thus giving a reduction in air-conditioning costs


Large roof at one of the prestigious De Vere Hotels.  Although these were large panels very high up, we were able to achieve a very impressive finish giving the hotel  a reduction in heat and glare whilst adding a stunning visual effect at night with creative lighting.

Solar overheating and glare can increase air conditioning costs and cause discomfort to building occupants. Window film provides a solution to these problems:

  • Reduce unwanted solar heat gain

  • Block damaging ultraviolet rays

  • Provide privacy

  • Improve visual appearance

  • Reduce uncomfortable glare

  • Reduce fading of textiles and furnishings

  • Reducing energy costs

Solar control window film is a cost effective solution. Manufactured from low haze, optically clear polyester in a range of different colours and constructions.

Warranted for up to 10 years depending on film type with a real life expectancy far exceeding this. All internal films have a patented scratch resistant coating which ensures low maintenance and durability.

Suitable for application to residential and commercial properties; conservatories, offices, housing, shop fronts, whatever the building or the problem a suitable film is available.


Large coach company had heat problems in reception area. Staff were unable to hold stair rail as it was too hot.  So the application of a blue mirror finish solar control film was advised which not only solved a heat problem but added an eye catching contemporary feel to the building.

Mirrored films are otherwise known as daylight privacy films - you can see out during the day but others cannot see in.

Blackout or whiteout films have a 0% light transmission and are used effectively to hide unsightly views, or prevent people seeing into a secured area.

These films give a uniform appearance to a glazed area.


When a building is being refurbished a not so obvious choice is its glass. What we mean by this is that by installing a solar control window film not only will the occupants of the building have a more comfortable working environment due to a lowering of solar heat gain and a reduction in glare but the film will work alongside the air conditioning units to reduce energy consumption meaning lower bills meaning more profit in your pocket.

Not only that but a reduction in CO2 emissions. If you think your building is in need of some attention then call for a building analysis to determine your potential savings. With paybacks as low as under 2 years and guarantees of 10 years + what have you got to lose?

Go on put your green feet on!

Quote from client:

Devin Grosse (Manager Holiday Inn Norwich North) comments about 1st Call Glass Care

Devin Grosse (Manager Holiday Inn Norwich North) commented 1st Call Glass Care from the outset gave a full and comprehensive analysis of our Hotel, reporting the savings over the lifespan of the film. Liaising with the team of 1st Call Glass was effortless and the end product has resulted in a more comfortable working environment for our staff and customers alike and gives us a fresh look to our building.

This particular building was already an architectural masterpiece with high spec and coloured glass but this did not stop the sun from making occupants uncomfortable.  1st Call Glass Care were called in to install a very subtle film to help with heat problems in the MD'S office. This was no mean feat as glass panels were 1500mm wide by 3400mm high but our expertise and attention to detail ensured that this was another successful installation.

1st Call Glass Care are approved window film installers for several of the world's largest window film manufacturers including CP Films.

Our fully trained staff are well positioned to provide advice and guidance on the type of window film to meet your requirements and can fully manage the specification, supply and installation of your window film.

Window film has many applications including cutting out glare, meeting Health & Safety Executive standards, reducing fading, improving security, gaining privacy, cutting out UV or simply to improving the look of your business property. Whatever problem you have with glass or windows - we have a window film to help and will be pleased to discuss your needs with you.

Please feel free to visit our website where you will see an array of different and difficult installations from a residential conservatory roof to large contract refurbishment work for Norwich Union.

Call us now on 0800 1777 545 or 01603 482008 or email us for information about Window Films

Unit 7 Telford Close
Sweetbriar Industrial Estate

Tel: +44 (0)800 1777 545

Fax: +44 (0)1603 482033



Contact: Mr David Woods (Director)

Products/Services :

  • Anti Graffiti Window Film
  • Anti Shatter Window Film
  • Blast Protection for Buildings
  • Bomb Blast Protection Window Film
  • Glass Manifestation
  • Privacy Window Film
  • Safety and Security Window Film
  • Solar Protection Window Film
  • UV Reduction Window Film
  • Window Graphics
  • Window Safety Film
  • Window Solar Film

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