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R&R Data Managed Services is the only company in its field to offer a complete range of services, from Secure Data Destruction to Data Recovery, repair to resale of equipment (including revenue sharing agreements), and Green Recycling to total logistics management, complying to WEEE guidelines for the safe and ecologically friendly disposal of all hardware involved.

ON SITE DATA DESTRUCTION - Cabinet office Assured and CSIA standards approved

R&R Data Managed Services is compliant with many UK and European standards, regulations and directives to ensure compliance, confidentiality and security and has been awarded the CCT Mark for its "On Site" Secure Data Destruction service for data on magnetic media to comply with the CESG lower level degaussing standard as well as SEAP 8500, BS7799 and ISO 9001:2000

Unique “On site” Data Destruction service to comply with security regulations

R&R Data Managed Services can provide full destruction of data on your site, of almost any media, followed by complete recycling if required. A certificate of data destruction will be issued followed by a certificate of recycling, which includes all serial numbers. This can be used to check against your asset management system for full traceability. For very sensitive sites (e.g. NHS, MoD, Banks, Central Government) we have a unique service to comply with security regulations on site.

- Read more about the unique “On Site” Data Destruction service

YOUR COMPLETE DATA DESTRUCTION SOLUTION - Data Destruction and WEEE compliant Recycling

In our technology driven world where fraud and identity theft are on the increase, you have to be sure that your data is disposed of in a secure, compliant and simple manor.

That is why R&R Data Managed Services provide you with a standards focused, reliable and fully traceable service for all your data destruction needs. On top of that we comply to WEEE guidelines for the safe and ecologically friendly disposal of all hardware involved.

R&R Data Managed Services' Data Destruction Service removes and destroys all DATA from ALL MEDIA to CESG Degaussing Standard.

Experienced solutions provider

With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the data recovery industry, R&R Data Managed Services has what it takes to provide data destruction solutions that are tailored to your individual and specific requirements. R&R Data Managed Services will ensure that all your data is destroyed beyond any means of retrieval. The Data Destruction will take place in a confidential, environmentally friendly, safe and secure environment.

In house Data Cleansing Facility

R&R Data Managed Services boasts a UK data cleansing facility capable of erasing data on up to 5000 hard drives per week.

R&R Data Managed Services boasts a UK data cleansing facility capable of erasing data on up to 5000 hard drives per week.

All data on working hard drives is wiped to comply with DOD 5220.22 standard and non functioning hard drives are degaussed to CESG standard.

The ability to be able to wipe hard drives in volume is becoming a resource in demand as companies with large data centres resell or redeploy large volumes of storage with confidential data present. Reconfiguration and testing of servers and RAID is also offered as part of the overall service.

Steve Hodges CEO of R&R Data Managed Services comments that, "Clients have an ever increasing requirement for efficient, speedy and volume data erasure ensuring that any potential data leak has been closed, we believe we have the largest data erasure facility in Europe".

- Read more about Data Destruction and the benefits of R&R’s Data destruction services

To request Data Destruction now

Please complete the online request form or contact us using the details below.


To find out more about R&R’s other services click on the links below:


Should you have any further questions or worries regarding the issues of sensitive data destruction, feel free to speak in confidence to our support staff on +44 (0) 845 257 8181, alternatively email us at


R&R House
Normandy Lane
Stratton Business Park
SG18 8QB

Tel: +44 (0)845 600 4750

Fax: +44 (0)845 600 4751



Products/Services :

  • Computer Abuse Detection
  • Data Destruction
  • Data Processing
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Removal
  • Environmental Recycling
  • Hard Disk Recovery
  • High Security Data Destruction
  • Military Standard Data Destruction
  • On Site Data Destruction - Degaussing
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Secure Destruction
  • Secure Disposal
  • Secure IT Disposal
  • Waste Management and Disposal
  • WEEE Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment

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