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Window film installations with a measurable payback

In these hard economic times when defence and security budgets are under pressure many organisations are forced to cut back. However, at Durable we have been developing a different approach where installations of window film have a proven payback thereby converting a cost into an investment.

The devastating effect of a bomb on a building.This is achieved through using window films that provide solutions to more than one problem in a single installation. For instance, safety and anti-shatter window film that also reduces energy consumption and therefore carbon footprint. We provide examples below.

At the core of this approach is a unique energy audit service which we provide. This evaluates the potential savings in energy costs and the resultant reduction in carbon footprint for any potential installation in window film.

Having comprehensive documentation providing payback information can help department and organisations to justify the expenditure.

Through case studies already published we can illustrate how the installation of multi-purpose window film can become a sound investment.

Example 1
One of the most conspicuous public buildings in London treated with window film for blast protection purposes resulted in savings in energy of £54,544 and reduction it the building’s carbon footprint of 544 tons per annum. Installation cost recovered from energy savings: 3.06 years.

Example 2
Building of 200 windows with major heat and glare issues treated with solar control window film resulted in savings in energy used of £9,915 per annum and reduction it the building’s carbon footprint of 60 tons per annum. Installation paid for in energy savings: 2.9 years.

When we are called in to a given situation we evaluate the site as a whole and offer free advice on a multiplicity of potential issues:

Stills from a controlled test showing the affects of a window without anti-fragmentation film

Stills from a controlled test showing the affects of a window without anti-fragmentation film

  • Installation of anti-fragmentation window films based on knowledge of blast dynamics around buildings and how they affect different glazing configurations. Shown here are stills from a controlled test showing the affects of a window with and without anti-fragmentation film.

  • The role of safety window film with particular detailed guidance on the regulations. (Durable is the only provider to publish a comprehensive guide to the Regulations available for free). We are also qualified to undertake glazing safety audits and
     provide a full risk-assessed report.


    We are qualified to undertake glazing safety audits and provide a full risk assessed report

    Chart showing the benefits of Solar Window Film


  • The application of solar control window film with particular attention to: heat and glare reduction, the internal environment and the impact on productivity. Window film will reject up to 75% of direct heat and glare.

  • In each case we evaluate how modern high-technology window films with multiple benefits can contribute to energy saving, reduce carbon emissions and return the original cost in a short-time span thereby converting a cost into an investment.

About us
Durable is the UK’s longest existing company in the window film installation business and has been responsible for protecting more high profile public and private buildings than any other company. We are known as pioneers – such as being the first company to provide a comprehensive guide to Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992, the first window film company to offer fully indemnified Risk Assessments for compliance with Regulation 14, and the first to provide comprehensive blast protection guidance taking into consideration glazing types, configuration, location and surrounds.

We operate nationally from our head office in Berkshire and premises in Manchester.

Unit One
498 Reading Road
RG41 5EX

Tel: +44 (0)118 989 5200

Fax: +44 (0)118 989 5209



Products/Services :

  • Anti Graffiti Window Film
  • Anti Shatter Window Film
  • Anti-Fragmentation Window Film
  • Blast Protection Consultancy
  • Bomb Blast Protection Window Film
  • EMI Shielding
  • Glazing Risk Assessment
  • Privacy Window Film
  • Research
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety and Security Window Film
  • Solar Protection Window Film
  • Window Energy Saving Film
  • Window Graphics
  • Window Risk Assessment
  • Window Safety Film
  • Window Solar Film

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