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We are a training and consultancy organisation that helps develop the programme and project management skills of individuals and the organisations they work for. We are experts in the practical implementation of best practice in both MSP programme management and PRINCE2TM project management. We work with clients and individual training course delegates to find quick wins and lasting career benefits from adopting good programme management and project management practices.

Our staff have a rare mix of real world programme and project experience, training and consultancy skills. Our caring culture and high levels of customer satisfaction have lead to much repeat business and recommendations from clients.

We have been in business since 1998, and since 2001 have been an APMG Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) for PRINCE2TM, MSP and M_o_R. Our staff are mature professionals with the highest standards of integrity and real world practical experience. We raise thousands of pounds every year for Cancer Research as part of our work life balance.



PRINCE2™ is the UK standard for best practice in project management, and is in widespread use throughout the public and private sectors both in the UK and overseas. PRINCE2™ is process based and provides generic guidance for any type of project.

PMI® is the American ANSI standard which is captured within a ‘Body of Knowledge’. PMI® provides a general framework plus extensive industry specific and behavioural guidance.

Study Path 1

Qualifications in the PRINCE2™ method

PRINCE2™ Foundation and PRINCE2™ Practitioner are valued career qualifications gained by passing an exam. Courses which lead to these exams are accredited by the APM Group Ltd on behalf of the UK Office of Government Commerce. These courses are a comprehensive study of the PRINCE2™ method, they cover the syllabus and include both Foundation & Practitioner exams.

These courses are intended for people who are actively seeking PRINCE2™ qualifications, and go into considerable depth and detail.

Typical attendees are:

  • Programme Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Project Support Managers

During 2004 and 2005 86% of delegates we trained passed the Practitioner exam first time.

Study Path 2

Practical Implementation of PRINCE2™

These courses focus on practical implementation of PRINCE2™, showing how to tailor and implement the PRINCE2™ method in real world situations. Case studies and practical exercises are used to teach the key points and quick wins of PRINCE2™, working with delegates to understand how they can use PRINCE2™ beneficially.

These courses are intended for people wanting to learn the key points and value of PRINCE2™, and discuss practical implementation issues. The courses do not include the PRINCE2™ exams.

Typical attendees are:

  • Project Board members

  • Process owners

  • Department heads

  • Team members

  • Project support staff

Core IS provides a wide range of consultancy services and project health checks to support practical implementation of PRINCE2™.

For more information about the PRINCE2™ training courses offered follow the links below:

PRINCE2 Practitioner
PRINCE2 Foundation
PRINCE2 Primer - Half Day Project Management Overview
PRINCE2 Full Day Project Management Overview
Practical PRINCE2™ with Case Study
PRINCE2 Conversion (Upgrades Foundation to Practitioner)
PRINCE2 Reaccreditation
Credible Planning for Projects
Effective Project Boards

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)

What is MSP Programme Management?

MSP Managing Successful Programmes is the de-facto standard for best practice in programme management, and is in growing use throughout the public and private sectors both in the UK and overseas.

The objective of a programme is to deliver a beneficial outcome, using a portfolio of projects to make the tactical changes required. Programme management is a structured approach to working out what benefits are required within the outcome, and then to analyse what capabilities must be changed make the benefits become real.

MSP is a particularly strong framework for implementing change where there is a vision of an outcome but no clear path to get there. MSP provides a rational, scaleable framework for working out the path required.

MSP will identify what are the right projects to run. PRINCE2 project management can then be used to run the projects in the right way.

MSP Programme management is an approach to change management that turns loosely defined business objectives into targeted tactical changes. For example, programme management can be used to analyse and deliver objectives such as

  • ‘world class performance’

  • ‘better health care services’

  • ‘faster growth’

  • ‘fewer complaints’

MSP programme management is therefore an approach to management that bridges the gap between higher level strategic objectives and lower level tactical delivery; MSP programme management turns visions into reality.

The MSP programme management method gives guidelines on:

  • roles and responsibilities at senior management and programme delivery levels

  • governance regimes that deliver control without bureaucracy

  • close links between programme manager and operational managers

  • definition and management of benefits that bridge the gap between strategic objectives and the changes to tactical capabilities required

  • a portfolio of projects that deliver the capabilities.

Good reasons to adopt MSP programme management are:

  • 25% or more productivity improvement

  • promotes links between long range plans and day to day delivery

  • promotes delegated empowerment of staff

  • balances business requirements with stakeholder needs

  • provides a rational framework for resolving stakeholder conflicts

  • it works!

For more information on MSP Courses offered follow the links below:

MSP Full Day Programme Management Overview
MSP Practical Programme Management Workshop
MSP Primer - Half Day Programme Management Overview
MSP Combined Foundation & Practitioner

M_o_R® Management of Risk

M_o_R® Management of Risk describes a robust framework for managing risks at strategic, programme, project and operational levels. M_o_R® Management of Risk is a recent addition to the UK Office of Government Commerce best practice portfolio, and was developed by the private sector in response to the Turnbull Report and other influences.

The M_o_R® Management of Risk approach complements the MSP programme management and PRINCE2™ project management methodologies and is of growing importance across public and private sectors.

M_o_R® Management of Risk outlines a route map for effective risk management, which incorporates:

  • principles - what to do and why

  • process - 10 steps to follow

  • approach - when and how to do things

  • techniques - supporting skills

  • appendices - substantial supporting material for day-to-day implementation.

M_o_R Training Courses

We offer two courses covering M_o_R® Management of Risk:

M_o_R Overview

This one day course gives an overview of M_o_R and its potential value in different types of
organisation. For full details Click Here

M_o_R Combined Foundation and Practitioner

This is a 5 day course providing a comprehensive study of all aspects of the M_o_R Management of Risk method. This is an accredited course that includes the Foundation and Practitioner exams and follows a realistic Case Study throughout the course.
For full details Click Here

Bespoke courses focussed on your needs.

M_o_R Consultancy services

We can support your risk management with a range of consultancy services.

Typical assignments are:

  • Risk process development

  • Risk analysis workshops

  • Risk reviews

  • Competence


Bespoke Project Management Training Course Development

If our standard courses of MSP programme management, PRINCE2™ project management and MoR® Management of Risk do not meet your needs, we will write a bespoke programme or project management training course for you.

We can tailor our existing MSP programme management and PRINCE2™ project management materials to suit your needs, or we write bespoke training course materials for you

Advantages to you:

  • Bespoke training courses that meet your needs exactly

  • You choose the content of the bespoke training course

  • Close links between bespoke training course and your work

  • More buy in from your staff to the course

  • Bespoke training courses are more effective ways of learning

  • Releases your staff to run your business rather than write courses

  • Bespoke courses written by experts

  • Cost effective solution


It takes more than a few days training to become results-focused programme and project managers………you need help and support from experts in the practical implementation of best practice………. you need Core IS.

We have been helping clients for over 10 years to develop personal skills and corporate competencies. We can provide operational support during peaks of work, or even run entire programmes and projects for you.

It’s against our ethos to force you into a particular way of working; we work with our clients to find quick wins and lasting benefits from MSP Managing Successful Programmes, PRINCE2 project management, and M_o_R Management of Risk.

For more information about how Core I S Consultancy Services can help Click Here


Suite 9 Basepoint
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SP10 3FG

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Contact: Mr Charles Fox (Managing Director)

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