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Amazon Cases & 19 Inch Racks from CP Cases Ltd

CP Cases manufactures rugged cases and 19 inch racks in tough virgin polyethylene, using the latest rotomoulding techniques.

Amazon cases & racks offer the ultimate protection for equipment against sandstorms, saltwater, impact, vibration and extreme temperatures, keeping it secure during storage & transit and ready for rapid deployment. Amazon is designed to meet applications in the defence, marine, security, aerospace, oil and gas, satellite and telecommunication markets worldwide.

Amazon rotomoulded cases and racks give all the advantages of rotomoulding but without the normal wasteful thick wall cavity, restrictive narrow top opening and bulky deep lid, giving you more internal space for any given external case size.

Amazon anti-vibration mounted (AVM) racks have a lightweight steel frame, suspended by eight customisable elastomeric mounts, providing optimum ‘sway space’ between the frame and the outer container. The elastomeric AVMs are available in various shore hardness’s to match the equipment payload weight, offering excellent protection against shock and vibration damage.


Amazon Cases and Racks give all the advantages of rotomoulding but without the normal wasteful thick wall cavity, restrictive narrow top opening and bulky deep lid.

Using the latest polyethylene rotomoulding technology, Amazon shields your equipment from sandstorms, saltwater, impact and extremes of temperature, keeping it secure during transit and ready for instant deployment.

Amazon cases & racks are rated IP65 and comply with MIL-STD-810F, offering a working temperature of -40°+70°.

Amazon cases are Ideal for defence, marine, security, aerospace, oil and gas, satellite and telecommunication applications worldwide.

Amazon Cases and Racks give all the advantages of rotomoulding but without the normal wasteful thick wall cavity, restrictive narrow top opening and bulky deep lid.

Inside an Amazon Rack there’s more innovation. A lightweight stainless steel frame, suspended by eight elastomeric anti-vibration mounts, provides superior ‘sway space’ between the frame and the outer container. It's the best possible way to safeguard delicate equipment.

Amazon Cases

Amazon is a now available in a new rage of sizes designed to stack perfectly onto a C130 Hercules pallet.

Amazon ruggedised cases are produced using a process called rotomoulding. It’s ideal for making tough, waterproof products, using a high quality polyethylene polymer that thickens at the edges and corners for extra strength and impact resistance.

Amazon cases have been designed to offer exceptional strength to weight and are suitable for military, offshore or other applications where delicate or valuable equipment needs to be transported or stored safely.

Amazon cases are available in standard UV-stable colours black and NATO green. Other colours can be selected as options.

Amazon cases are available in an wide range of stock sizes.

Recent additions include cases for computer monitors. These are specifically designed to house any TFT/LCD widescreen monitor (including HP, Dell, Sony, LG and Apple) up to 22 inch. Also available are two cases that maximise the available load space on C130 Hercules 463L pallets.

All Amazon products carry NATO stock numbers and are accredited to MIL-STD 810F.

Amazon Case advantages:

  • Maximum usable internal space versus external size

  • Rotomoulded from high grade, virgin polyethylene for strength and impact absorption

  • Stable in temperatures from –40°c to +60°c

  • Corrosion proof and resistant to solvents and acids

  • Colours moulded right through to retain appearance if scratched

  • Available in NATO green, admiralty grey and black, with other colours available for orders of 25 or more. All colours are UV stabilised

  • Strong, rigid, low profile lid for maximum space utilisation

  • Moulded-in Amazon Lip that engages positively with body to eliminate lid displacement when subjected to sideways force (pat. pending)

  • All edges and corners are rounded and bevelled for safe and comfortable carrying

  • Two axis location and engagement feature for positive stacking

  • A5 label indent positioned on lid

  • Two further small label indents provided on each side for contents identification

  • All fittings, including catches, hinges and lid stay are stainless steel, making Amazon Cases totally RoHS compliant

  • Heavy-duty plastic injection moulded handles

  • Waterproof, tubular silicon lid seal stable in temperatures from –40°c to +60°c

  • Waterproof and impervious to sand and dust

  • Complies with MIL-STD 810F

  • Recyclable


CP Cases design skills have also been applied to produce a new generation of 19 inch racks to protect electronic, IT and telecommunications equipment against climatic extremes and rough handling in field conditions.

Amazon ruggedised racks combine the tough resilience of a rotomoulded case with a stainless steel rack frame (an optional aluminium frame is available) which is suspended by 8 (or 16 as an option) anti vibration mounts. Anti vibration racks are available from 4U to 12U and in two standard frame depths of 480mm and 610mm. (Further sizes to follow).

Amazon 19 inch racks are designed to function in extreme conditions and survive rough handling in military or civilian applications.

Amazon 19” ruggedised racks comply with MIL-STD 810F. and are rated IP65.

The optional EasyGlide™ system allows the inner frame to slide in and out of the rack body. This enables easy "on the bench" equipment population and "full all round" access for maintenance.

Amazon 19” racks offer enhanced ‘sway space’ between the inner frame and rack body to prevent collision under server impact conditions.

Amazon racks are an approved product for government and MoD / DoD requirements.

Amazon products carry NATO stock numbers and are accredited to MIL-STD 810F.

Design features in addition to those of Amazon Cases include

  • Available from 4U to 12U with various DIN standard 19 inch inner frame depth options

  • Eight ‘Bi-Angle’ elastomeric anti-vibration mounts (pat. pending) with a choice of hardness grades, angled towards centre of gravity of the rack frame, provide optimised shock protection in all orientations

  • Superior ‘sway space’ between inner frame and outer case to prevent contact with outer container under severe impact

    CP produces 19” racks that can be fitted with compressor or thermoelectric air conditioning systems or made from antistatic, flame retardant materials. CP can also manufacturer 19 inch racks that are EMC and TEMPEST shielded.

  • All Amazon Racks have a ‘user adjustable’ inner frame (excluding the removable ‘Easy Glide’ option) allowing back to front movement of 50mm within the outer container to accommodate varying front panel and rear wiring/connector needs. Combined with the deep rear lid option, this can provide a maximum of 170mm of usable space between rear rack frame and lid

  • Optional ‘Easy Glide’ (pat. pending) removable, self anchoring, internal frame system for convenience and speed of maintenance/replacement of equipment

  • Standard, stainless steel M6 threaded fasteners secure electronic equipment into floating stainless steel cage nuts at both front and rear of frame, providing ease of equipment fitting

  • Rack frame has extra M6 fixing holes in the rear face to accommodate non DIN standard equipment

  • The inner rack frame and all fittings are stainless steel, making Amazon Racks totally RoHS compliant

  • All racks have positive stacking, aligning at the front face regardless of rack depth

  • Internal rack frame conforms to BS5954 and IEC297

  • Inner rack and outer container are recyclable

  • Moulded-in Amazon Lip (pat. pending) that engages positively with body to eliminate lid displacement when subjected to sideways force

  • Heavy-duty plastic injection moulded handles

  • Optional recessed wheels for ease of handling with heavy payloads

  • Optional deeper lids available to accommodate extended/protruding connectors etc

  • Complies with MIL-STD 810F


Many accessories and options are available to enhance the functionality of Amazon Cases and Racks.

This is not a comprehensive list:

  • Wheels for cases and rack

  • Removable inner frame for racks

  • Foam cushioning for cases

  • Removable lift off lids for cases

  • Pressure relief valves for cases and rack

  • Humidity control for cases and racks

  • Padlockable catches for cases and rack

  • Handles for cases and rack

  • Labelling for cases and racks

  • Alternative anti-vibration mounts for racks

  • Fixed installation kits for racks

  • Cable storage pouch for racks

A full range of 19 inch rack accessories is available including:

  • equipment supports, shelves, drawers and keyboard tray

  • cable stowage, sunshades, weather hoods and protective covers

  • internal rack brackets and fixings to fit specific customer equipment

  • external securing points to fix on deck or in vehicles for transport

  • wheel installation kits for retrofitting to racks and selected cases

NEW Interstacker accessory

Our latest Amazon case & rack accessory is our innovative interstacker. Interstacker allows Amazon cases & Racks to be stacked on top of each other nesting perfectly. The interstacker can also be fitted caster wheels to create a wheel board for heavy payloads.

Customisation & Bespoke services

Amazon offers comprehensive levels of customisation. The standard range of Amazon Cases and Racks can be modified, for example in providing connector panels, special equipment supports or fixings as well as cutting and welding two cases.

For quantities in excess of 300 rotomoulded cases can be manufactured in any size to meet your exact specifications.

For further information on our constantly evolving range of options, accessories and customising services visit -


Worton Hall Industrial Estate
Worton Hall

Tel: +44 (0)208 568 1881

Fax: +44 (0)208 568 1141



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