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Air-Seal Products Tyre Sealants for Tyre Protection and Puncture Prevention. By using our sealants, we can improve or maintain profitability for Tyre Users who continuously face major cost problems. 

We are confident that our service will improve or maintain corporate profitability by achieving major cost savings for tyre users:

  • We use technology which is not matched by any other tyre sealant now available anywhere and can prevent punctures in tyre treads of up to 30mm (1¼ inches) in 95% of tubeless tyres and 75% in tubed tyres.

  • Considerable cost reductions from idle labour and for tyre service contracts from vehicle downtime.

  • Eliminates tyre under inflation and slow air leaks. Tyre life increased by up to 20% and reduced fuel costs.

  • Always supported by first class technical service with our extensive experience of solving on-site puncture problems.

  • Next working day Delivery for UK customers.

Our products are widely used by major Companies for their vehicle fleets both on and off road. (Click here to see our testimonials page)

  • U.K. Armed Forces and Government Departments

  • Waste Management, Demolition and Quarrying Industries

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers and their Customers

  • Civil Engineering and Building Contractors

  • Ground Care maintenance Contractors

  • Local Authorities and Leisure businesses

  • Agricultural Contractors and Farmers

  • The Road Haulage Industry


As the tyre rotates, the product spreads evenly over the inside surface. Immediately a penetration occurs, the air pressure in the tyre forces millions of fibre particles and fillers suspended either in ethylene or propylene glycol to interlock which plugs the hole in the tread area preventing any further air loss within one or two revolutions of the wheel.

This action is so rapid that the driver may not know a puncture has happened. Later, when the tyre is inspected, if the cause is still present it can be removed. When removed, the vehicle must be driven immediately to enable the tyre to re-seal itself.

Depending on the grade of Sealant used, holes up to 30 mm (1¼ inches) can be repaired using this technology.

To ensure the quality of our Service we do not franchise our products. Click below to see some of our products.


Armor-Seal Tyre Sealant Formulated for Industrial and Military Vehicles


Armor-Seal Tyre Sealant Formulated for Industrial and Military Vehicles

This Grade is the Premium product in the Company’s range of pre-puncture sealants.

It is capable of plugging holes up to 30 mm (1¼ inches) across heavier ply tyres – more than double any other Sealant now available worldwide. This Sealant has been proved in extreme conditions.

Armor-Seal has proved itself on active service in Afghanistan and Iraq (NATO Stock Number: 7MV/2640-99-748-4390). Our range of tyre sealants not only protects your tyres from up to 95% of punctures but will also extend their life. The product has an unlimited shelf life and will outlast the life of the tyre. It has performed equally well when working in locations of severe conditions for example quarrying, mining, docksides and major construction sites. There is also the fact that slow air leaks are eliminated.

In these environments, considerable reductions in the frequency of punctures and maintaining air pressures in tyres which were grossly under inflated, considerable operational benefits and cost savings will be achieved, For example, expensive downtime until the driver and machine can resume working and increased working tyre life to offset the already high cost of replacement tyres.

There is a growing worldwide problem for the users of heavy industrial tyres. Higher material costs are forcing tyre manufacturers to reduce the types and sizes of tyres produced which in turn will add to the waiting time for the larger and more specialised sizes for example, earth mover tyres.

Most importantly, the cost of one treatment of the Armor-Seal Grade should last the working life of the tyre which compares with the true cost of the first conventional repair of any comparable tyre.

The correct amount of sealant for each tyre size must be installed. If more or less is applied this may cause the sealant to under perform or be more costly.

Click here for Technical specifications and other operational advantages


Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant Formulated for On and Off Road Vehicles

This Grade is capable of sealing punctures of up to 15 mm ( 5/8 inch ) in one revolution of the wheel without noticeable loss of tyre pressure. 

It is based on the most sophisticated technology developed over twenty years. Our aim is to prove that profits will be increased from the advantages which will be achieved from treating the tyres of a wide range of vehicles used for both activities.

The correct amount of sealant for each tyre size must be installed. If more or less is applied this may cause the sealant to under perform or be more costly.

On Road:

  • Increases tyre life by up to 20%.

  • Reduces fuel costs by maintaining correct tyre pressures.

  • Avoids downtime waiting for tyre repair or replacements.

  • Prevents costly penalties for late deliveries.

Off Road:

  • Provides protection from hazardous working conditions on landfill sites, building site clearance, civil engineering projects and agricultural activities.

  • Prevents air leaks around the tyre bead and wheel rim.

  • Avoids costly downtime for the driver and machine when the machine is idle.

  • The cost of one treatment is no more than conventional repair methods.

  • The usage of specialist tyre repair services is greatly reduced.

Click here for Technical specifications and other operational advantages



Hydro Seal - Formulated for Water Ballast Tyres

Hydro-Seal tyre sealant is unique. It is formulated specifically for water-based ballast filled tyres. Traditional tyre sealants formulated for use in air filled tyres will separate when mixed with water which causes these sealants to be ineffective. 

Furthermore, all other tyre sealants normally used to treat pneumatic tyres do not contain enough fibres to be truly effective when diluted with water.

Hydro-Seal is designed to overcome these problems. Hydro-Seal is a puncture preventative sealant, which disperses uniformly in water-based ballast. 

Hydro-Seal, when used at a mix of 1part per 10 parts of ballast will eliminate most flat tyre costs, tyre downtime and will last the life of the tyre. Using this grade increases the tyre weight to give greater traction and equipment stability by lowering the equipment centre of gravity. As it is water based handling, installation and removal straightforward. Hydro-Seal is inert, environmentally safe and will not attack the tyre casing.

When properly installed into water-based ballasted tyres, Hydro-Seal will seal punctures up to 6.5mm (1/4 inch) in diameter in the tread area of the tyre. This Grade can be used in tubeless or tubed tyres.

When a tyre is punctured, Hydro-Seal instantaneously surrounds the puncturing object to prevent pressure loss. This special sealing process allows for minimal loss of pressure. Also, by plugging leaks and maintaining the proper air pressure Hydro-Seal distributes the tread wear evenly thereby extending tyre life.


Tyre Sealant Formulated for Fleet & Commercial Carriers

Air-Seal Products Ltd Tyre Sealant Formulated for Fleet & Commercial Carriers

This Grade of Sealant will provide a high level of tyre protection for a wide range of on-road vehicles with multi-axle construction.

This protection is important for large transporters used for suppliers to Supermarkets, major industrial product manufacturers, the Motor industry, Buses, Coaches, Minibuses and other markets where delivery on time is an essential requirement.

For Fleet Managers using a wide range of vehicle types and designs for every form of product distribution, the reduction in downtime while waiting for the tyre to be replaced would have significant cost savings.

Under inflation or slow air leaks are the leading causes of premature tyre wear. The application of this Sealant to reduce these conditions not only extends the life of the tyre but also increases fuel economy by reducing tyre drag.

This Product also seals up to 95% of punctures (as large as 15mm) while dissipating heat within the tyre which increases tread life by up to 20%. It is guaranteed for the life of the tyre in regular use. Once a puncture occurs, the centrifugal force and the jet action of escaping air propel the sealant to the area of the problem.

As the tyre flexes under load conditions, the multi-sized fibres and fillers are compressed to form a permanent plug. Air loss is minimal. This process can be repeated many times without the need of additional sealant. The installed cost compares favourably with the repair of one puncture, The correct amount of sealant for each tyre size must be installed. If more or less is applied this may cause the sealant to be less effective and costly.

In a typical fleet the investment cost of Air-Seal Products Tyre Sealant can be recouped within 45 days


All-purpose Sealant formulated for Recreational Activities and Equipment. Supplied in 1Litre Bottles

This sealant is based on Technology, which is designed to greatly reduce the probability of punctures, or slow air leaks in vehicles used in both on and off road sporting and leisure activities. It also has an indefinite shelf life.

This sealant is supplied in one-litre bottles with a valve core tool, installation tubing and full instructions for use. A source of compressed air or a foot pump will be required to reflate the tyre after application. During installation avoid the sealant being swallowed or splashed in the eyes.

The installed cost for each tyre compares favourably with the repair of one puncture and avoids the inconvenience, time and effort involved while replacing the wheel.

This sealant is available from Air-Seal Products Ltd or from are network of agents, It can also be supplied in convenient 12 x 1Litre Packs if requested.


Recommended application for all 13", 14" and 15" trailer tyres: ½ litre/tyre.

This product is specially designed for boat trailers to inhibit conditions where high corrosion to wheels is due to immersion in coastal or river waters. It is also ideally suited for preventing most punctures and under inflation in tyres used for Caravans, Light trailers and Horseboxes and other similar vehicles, which are not used regularly. In these circumstances, tyres can deteriorate due to rubber porosity and slow air leaks.

Most importantly it will reduce the risk of tyre failure and safety problems while on major roads. When this happens it cause stress for the drivers and their passengers and may be a potential hazard to themselves and other road users. In addition the traffic police will probably become involved.

Low Pressure Tyres

Recommended application for 8", 9", 10" and 11" wheel rims: up to 1 litre/tyre.

Tyres, which are used for Quad Bikes and accessories.

General Purpose

Air-Seal Products Ltd All-purpose Sealant formulated for Recreational Activities and Equipment

Application rates will vary according to the vehicle: see Installation Instructions Table on the bottle.

Suitable for Golf Carts, Large Lawn Tractors, Wheel Barrows, Wheel Chairs and Bicycles, which can all, benefit from this sealant.

4x4 On-Off Road

Recommended application On Road ½ litre/tyre, Off Road 1 litre/tyre.

Apart from increasing the protection for the tyres of these vehicles from punctures, other smaller types of vehicles used in off road sports would also have additional tyre protection in the rigorous conditions, which have to be met in such activities.



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