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FUCHS is a global Group with German roots that has developed, produced and sold lubricants and related specialties for more than 85 years – for virtually all areas of application and sectors. With 58 companies and more than 5,000 employees worldwide, the FUCHS Group is the leading independent supplier of lubricants and greases including MoD standard hydraulic oils, gear oils, and engine oils.

FUCHS has more than 100,000 customers from the following industries: automotive suppliers, OEM, mining and exploration, metalworking, agriculture and forestry, aerospace, power generation, mechanical engineering, construction and transport, steel, metal and cement industries, food, glass production, casting, forging industry and many others.

The FUCHS product program comprises more than 10,000 products and related services in six key categories:


FUCHS LUBRICANTS (UK) PLC manufactures a wide range of lubricants for military applications, including over twenty grades that conform to NATO specifications.

Some of the Lubricants used for Military applications include: OM 24, OMD 55, OM160, 0M 13, XG 284, XG 380, XG 264, OMD 113, OMD 330, OM 11, PX 7, OEP 38, OMD 90, OEP 220, ZX 9, OEP 240, OEP 80, XG 286, OX 30, OEP 70, OM 70, OM 100, ARMNA G213, OM 65, XG 287, OM 750, OC 600, XG 279.
Some of the Lubricants used for Military applications include: OM 24, OM160, 0M 13, XG 284, XG 380, XG 264, OMD 113, OM 11, OM16, PX 7, OEP 38, OMD23, OMD 90, OMD140, OEP 220, ZX 9, OEP 80, XG 286, OX 30, OEP 70, OM33, OM 70, OM 100, OM58, OM 65, OM 750, OC300, OC 600, XG 279, OX79, OX80, OX90, AL39

The company’s extensive knowledge and unparalleled expertise is demonstrated by the fact that, not only do they hold a number of current Military approvals, but also provide technical input into the development of new specifications for the latest military lubricants. They are also members of the Defence Manufacturers’ Association (DMA).

The FUCHS range of high quality military lubricants are offered in a variety of heavy-duty containers. Their range covers all applications and includes:

  • Engine Oils

  • Hydraulic Oils

  • Gear Oils

  • Turbine Lubricant

  • Grease

  • Compressor Oils


The FUCHS UK site holds the following certifications. UK Certificates PREN 9100 P4. They design, development and manufacture of lubricants and special fluids/products for use in automotive, industrial, defence and aerospace applications. This standard specifies additional requirements for a quality management system for the aviation, space and defence industries.

The company operates a technologically advanced, fully automatic blending plant in Stoke-on-Trent and is a major supplier to the British Ministry of Defence. FUCHS was the first UK lubricants company to be awarded the QS9000 quality management certification - an award for continuous improvement in quality and service. Other accreditations include BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Manufacturing and Product Licenses.

To find out more, please visit our UK site

New Century Street

Tel: +44 (0)1782 203700

Fax: +44 (0)1782 202073



Contact: Mr Timothy Parish (UK Aerospace & defence Market Manager)

Products/Services :

  • Compressor Oils
  • Defence NATO Standard Lubricants and oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Industrial Oils
  • Lubricants - Oils - Greases
  • Military Grade Lubricants
  • Oils and Lubricants
  • Turbine Lubricants

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