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Farsound manufactures a comprehensive range of components, primarily for aero engine equipment manufacturers, utilising a wide range of engineering skills including presswork, welding, fabrication and assembly. This is supported by up to the minute production techniques such as waterjet and laser cutting.

The Group's technical expertise enable us to undertake design and development projects for our customers and provide them with cost effective engineering solutions to meet their requirements. We operate an in-house CADDS facility with ADSL link enabling us to communicate with our customers electronically.


In recent years The Farsound Group has moved forward at a rapid pace through organic growth and the establishment of a global support network with facilities in the UK and Far East.

Our continuing success and depth of experience is built on our history of technical excellence delivered by a highly motivated and skilled workforce, supported by a fully integrated supply chain. This enables us to meet ever-developing service requirements for an international customer base in some of the most demanding markets.

With expertise in precision engineering, organisational knowledge and an international network, we can improve efficiency, streamline workflow and generate a more cost-effective operation for our customers.

We are customer and market focused, driven to achieving the very highest standards of cost competitiveness, quality, on-time delivery and responsiveness. Committed to TQ, The Group operates a policy of continuous investment in people and new technology, to ensure that we continue to support the growing and ever-changing needs of our customers


Our customer profile includes many of the largest international equipment manufacturers, maintenance and repair organisations, and airlines who rely on the high integrity of Farsound products and services to meet their own exacting standards.

Our facilities based at strategic locations around the world enable us to cover the following markets:

  • Aerospace
    - Engines
    - Airframe
    - Actuation

  • Transportation

  • Industrial Gas Turbines

  • Petrochemical

  • Marine

Integrated systems and processes enable us to provide our customers with simplified sourcing solutions across a wide range of complimentary products.


Our Component Recovery and Kitting Program is a comprehensive support solution for aero and gas turbine engine repair and overhaul stations. The program is operable from all Farsound Group companies using common systems, standards and procedures.

Developed through knowledge and experience gained from working closely with engine maintenance and repair organisations, the program enables maximum utilisation of re-usable components.

The program is a strong, efficient, high yield, managed process with tailored systems providing analysis with full history and traceability at component and module level. It allows controlled reduction of cycle times whilst eliminating unnecessary levels of inventory and work in progress, improving our customers' productivity and profitability allowing them to concentrate their time, resources and expertise on their core activities.


To see our comprehensive parts inventory, please click here

Unit 3
Highams Park
Industrial Estate
Jubilee Avenue
E4 9JD

Tel: +44 (0)208 4983888

Fax: +44 (0)208 4983887



Products/Services :

  • Aircraft Maintenance and Spares
  • Aircraft Systems and Equipment
  • Design and Development
  • Fixings and Fastenings
  • Precision Engineering
  • Sonar Systems and Equipment
  • Wire - Braids - Strands

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