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Rozone provide a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly industrial cleaning solutions and servicing equipment, all designed to provide increased efficiency and improve health and safety and environmental performance.

Whatever your industry or application, Rozone will provide the solution. Their leading products range from the SmartWasher - a bio-remediating, self cleaning partswasher, to the Midtronics battery testing & charging range and Romess Brake/Hydraulic Servicing Equipment.

Rozone was established in the mid 1990s and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rubery Owen Holdings Limited.


SmartWasherTM (NATO Stock Number – 4940-99-898-0324)

(Army Equipment Support Publication – 4940-W-215-201)

The Smartwasher from Rozone Ltd - Parts washing without toxic solvents

Parts washing without toxic solvents

  • VOC free cleaning fluid (OzzyJuice)

  • Cleaning effectiveness does not degrade with use

  • State of the art microbe technology

  • Non-toxic, Non-caustic, Non-flammable

  • Reduces PPE and risk assessment expenditure

  • Operates at 40ºC

  • Reduces maintenance and operating costs

  • Protects health and well-being of employees

Brake O Matic (Brake & Hydraulic Servicing Equipment)

(NATO Stock Number 4910-99-884-6643)

(Army Equipment Support Publication 4940-H-150-201)

Brake O Matic - Brake and Hydraulic Servicing Equipment from Rozone NATO stock number 4920-W-215-201
  • Type SE 14 (other models available)

  • Brake maintenance device, 230v or 12v, with 15 litre tank,

  • infinitely variable pressure regulator, pressure range 0.5 - 3.5 bar, manometer,

  • shut-off valve, quick coupling and a range of adapters

  • automatic switch off of the pump by minimum level (refilling),

  • suited for use on antilocking-systems (ABS)

Midtronics Battery Analysing

EXP 1000HD battery Analysers from Rozone Ltd
  • Inspect & EXP Battery Analysers are suited to Lead Acid, Gel, AGM & Spiral

    battery types

  • Inspect 85 and EXP 1000HD are designed for commercial vehicle types

  • Long, detachable, cable sets.

  • Tests flat batteries, down to 1 volt.

  • Standard tests can be conducted in SAE, EN, DIN, IEC & JIS

  • Uses Conductance method of testing the CCA value of a battery

  • Generate battery “pairs” for commercial vehicles

  • 12 volt Batteries, 24 volt systems, including cranking voltage and alternator output

ChargeXpress Pro 25, Battery Charger from Rozone Ltd

ChargeXpress Pro 25 and Pro 50-2, Battery Chargers

  • Available as a single or two battery charge system

  • Charging Amps 25 or 50 depending on model

  • Correct charging curves for Lead Acid, Gel, AGM and Spiral battery types

  • Service/Diagnostic mode for use when programming ECU etc

GR1 - 240 – Battery Maintenance Centre from Rozone

GR1 - 240 – Battery Maintenance Centre

  • Intelligent Battery charger / analyser

  • 12 volt, Lead Acid, Gel, AGM and Spiral battery types

  • Automatic charge, manual charge and 12 volt jump start facility

Booster – Battery Jump Start Packs

SOS Booster – Battery Jump Start Packs from Rozone LtdSOS Booster – Battery Jump Start Packs from Rozone Ltd
  • Full range of 12, 12/24 or 24 volt units available

  • The most powerful range of jump start packs available, up to 6400 cranking amps

  • Reverse Polarity Buzzer and units are fused for added protection

  • Full range of NATO connectors available

  • Backlit voltmeter, push button operated, allows user to check alternator output.



Oil Technics


Extensive range of low environmental impact cleaning chemicals from Rozone Ltd

Low Environmental Impact

  • Extensive range of low environmental impact cleaning chemicals

  • Innovative products specifically targeted at oils and greases

  • High performance oil absorbents and clean up products

  • Technical advice readily available

Range of spill kits, absorbents and containment products for pollution control from Rozone Ltd

Pollution Control

  • Range of spill kits, absorbents and containment products

  • assists compliance with Oil storage Regulations

  • lower your carbon footprint

  • site surveys carried out by trained staff

For information on the full range of Rozone Products visit their website:


Queen Street
West Midlands
WS10 8JB

Tel: +44 (0)121 526 8181

Fax: +44 (0)121 526 8182



Contact: Nigel France (Sales Manager)

  Mobile (07967 391 247)

Products/Services :

  • Battery Charger Units
  • Battery Chargers
  • Battery Management and Servicing
  • Battery Testing Equipment
  • Brake Disc Refacing Equipment
  • Brakewasher Systems
  • Environmentally Friendly Industrial Cleaning Solutions
  • Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Industrial Cleaning Chemicals
  • Industrial Cleaning Technologies
  • Janitorial and Biological Cleaning
  • Jump Starter Packs
  • Oil Cleaning Products
  • Partswasher Systems
  • Site Cleaning and Pollution Control
  • Wheel Alignment Equipment

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