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Smiths Detection offers advanced integrated security solutions based on trace detection equipment, X-ray screening systems and other proven and developing technologies. Our systems safeguard those in the front line and the public at large; protecting buildings and transport systems; screening everything from a ticket to a truck.

Our detection equipment is used by military forces and public service workers who need to be equipped for chemical agent detection and biological warfare agent identification; by staff responsible for airport security, transportation security and critical infrastructure security; by customs officers responsible for contraband detection and cargo security (based on x-ray screening), and by the emergency services.

Emergency response personnel using ECAM (chemical agent monitor) at decontamination station. The HCVM is ready to use in all situations in less than 30 minutes and can inspect 25 trucks an hour, penetrating steel up to 280 mm (11”) to provide high resolution images.

Smiths Detection is a world leader in transportation security, notably airport x-ray systems used in the search for illegal and dangerous items or for explosives detection in checked baggage, hand-baggage or on passengers themselves. Our specialist software supply business allows the management of large sensor and video surveillance networks.

Separate business units focus on related products for the life sciences and food manufacturing industries:

Smiths Detection is part of Smiths Group, the global technology business


Protecting transit systems from acts of terror presents unique security challenges, on buses and ferries, aircraft and light rail, under bridges or tunnels. Good detection can act as a deterrent.

Smiths Detection has long been committed to eliminating threats at airports and on-board aircraft, and is increasingly providing security solutions for mass-transit systems and passenger terminals across the world.

The combination of our two principal technologies, trace detection and x-ray screening, and the addition of new technologies such as millimetre wave, results in systems to detect explosives, weapons and illegal items in baggage or on passengers themselves.

We aim to support the security professionals by giving them the best tools for the job. Not only at the security checkpoint but throughout all areas of the airport or transport terminal, plus intelligent video and networked systems for maximum efficiency.

Follow the links below for more information on Smiths Detection Transport and Aviation Solutions:


An essential element of homeland security in every country is protection of the critical infrastructure. That's the industries and institutions, buildings and distribution networks that are essential to everyday life. Their roles range from a nation’s defence and public utilities, to the functioning of government and the welfare of its citizens. Any disruption to continuity of operation can be paralysing or catastrophic.

A screening checkpoint at the front entrance of a building has been standard practice for many facilities. Securing other critical access points has been a challenge. Until now. At Smiths Detection, we have used our experience to develop the most comprehensive security solution available today.

From the enhancement of existing access control checkpoints, through mail screening, to the 24/7 monitoring of HVAC systems, we have engineered a portfolio of products and systems to secure access points against accidents and potential threats.

Our customised solutions protect buildings, reduce the level of vulnerability and safeguard the national or local infrastructure.


Customs and border protection requirements are constantly evolving. Traditional fiscal roles continue, such as the collection of excise duties, but there is now additional emphasis on the identification of threats to local and national security – a first line of defence against possible insurgent attacks.

The priorities have moved from monitoring cross-border cargo and reducing international shipments of contraband, to screening for explosives, arms, dirty bombs and weapons of mass destruction. Smiths Detection screening systems provide support for all these border control requirements.

Identifying such threats is increasingly more difficult, hidden inside a vehicle or concealed in the middle of the shipment. The challenge is rapid detection without disrupting the daily flow of goods.

Smiths Detection HCV X-ray systems have set the industry standard in cargo inspection for more than 15 years. They are available in various forms, from mobile units ready for use on all terrains in less than 30 minutes, up to fixed high-volume installations. More than 250 cargo screening systems and over 200 mobile cargo systems have now supplied worldwide, in over 50 different countries.

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Smiths Detection recognises that our emergency response teams face real threats every day. When called to deal with a potentially toxic incident, they have to know exactly what is confronting them. So we equip them with the most advanced technology, to face potential threats with confidence.

Equipment from Smiths Detection is trusted by emergency responders, HAZMAT teams, law enforcement, and federal & local government agencies around the world. We put laboratory power that requires minimal training into the hands of emergency responders.

Supporting the users is a partnership programme that offers the highest service levels. This includes 24/7 reachback - access to Smiths Detection scientists and technicians to help with difficult issues.

Follow the links below for more information on Smiths Detection Emergency Resonders Solutions:


Soldiers using GID-M man-portable chemical and TICs identifier in the field

Over a period of more than 50 years, Smiths Detection has developed a partnership with the Military that has provided a clear insight into the requirements of armed forces and the application of smart science on the battlefield. The principal threat comes from potentially lethal chemical and biological warfare agents.

The development of advanced integrated sensing technologies has encouraged significant miniaturisation, resulting in highly sensitive personal protection devices. Development of proprietary chip technology will take miniaturisation onto new levels.

In a life-and-death situation, the ease of use and minimal incidence of false detection alarms is almost as important as the detection capabilities of a device. Smiths Detection products have achieved the highest level of confidence in battlefield and security situations. More than 120,000 chemical agent detectors have been supplied to military forces worldwide.

More information on Smiths Detection Military Products Here

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Contact: Hayley Marchant (External Relations & Comms. Manager)

Products/Services :

  • Biometric Systems
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Protection Equipment
  • Detection and Surveillance Equipment
  • Homeland Security
  • Metal Detection
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