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Study Global Security, Diplomacy and Intelligence at the University of Buckingham.

The University of Buckingham Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS) offers Renowned MA courses in Security and Intelligence Studies; and through its sister centres at the University, in Global Affairs; Diplomacy; Military History and Modern War Studies. To see all of the courses which are available please click here >>

BUCSIS was established in 2008 as a world-class centre for research into the key Security and Intelligence issues facing the UK and the world in the 21st century. The Centre is headed by a leading academic in the field, Professor Anthony Glees, and is supported by a research and teaching team led by Dr Julian Richards, a Security Studies specialist with a long experience of working in the UK government on defence and security policy issues.

Research degrees are available, with remote study options. Short courses also available in Security Awareness, and Intelligence Analysis Skills. There are three entry-points per year for most degrees. A good first degree OR relevant professional experience is required to qualify.

Study with internationally-renowned academics and former practitioners in the field, with small class sizes and a comfortable environment, just 50 miles from London and 20 miles from Oxford.

If you are Interested please contact Dr Julian Richards in the first instance to discuss your plans and aspirations.


MA Security and Intelligence Studies
This programme aims to deliver a deep understanding of the contemporary security and intelligence environment in western democracies, with a focus on the UK. Security and Intelligence Studies are an important new field in political science but there is also widespread recognition that a good knowledge of how security and intelligence agencies operate; of the environment in which they operate; and of how their products are, and should be, used has become a key component of good and successful governance.

Emphasis is placed on relating academic and historical analyses to contemporary problems and policy questions especially in the UK but also to western states in general, using a unique degree of practitioner-led expertise. see more information >

MA Course in Global Affairs
The MA in Global Affairs is a broad based, multi-disciplinary programme unique to Buckingham.The programme aims to educate graduates for rapid advancement into senior professional work in foreign and other ministries, international organisations, financial and commercial institutions, trade and industry, international journalism and global civil society organisations.

Areas of study include global economies and finance; public international law; international law relating to trade, investment and finance; global governance; global security; human rights; environmental issues; global diplomacy; and global business.
see more information >

MA Course in Diplomacy
The MA Diplomacy aims to help to prepare graduates for careers in foreign and other ministries, international organisations, international journalism and global civil society organisations or for further research. Its modules have been carefully chosen to give students an opportunity to develop their academic skills as well as their practical knowledge of crucial areas of diplomacy such as negotiation and protocol.

Areas of study include diplomacy; international law and diplomacy; foreign policy analysis; the evolution of diplomacy; commercial diplomacy; international protocol and etiquette; conflict diplomacy and international negotiation. see more information >

MA Course in Military History
With military history one of the fastest-growing areas of academic study, the University of Buckingham introduced a one-year MA in Military History, by research, in 2009. This is a groundbreaking programme: the first one-year Research MA in Military History, and the first with an integral course of seminars by visiting lecturers of international repute.

The programme is London-based and directed by one of the country’s finest military historians, Professor Saul David. The lectures offered by the Course Director will be supplemented by a series of ten guest seminars by some of the most eminent scholars and authors in the field, including Professors N A M Rodger, Hew Strachan, Richard Overy and Gary Sheffield, Antony Beevor, Sir Max Hastings, Simon Sebag Montefiore and General Sir Mike Jackson.
see more information >

MA Modern War Studies

With Britain having recently been more heavily involved in overseas wars than at any point in the last half century, the University of Buckingham has launched a Master’s degree in Modern War Studies based at the Cavalry and Guards Club in London. The course commences in late September 2012 with three ‘research skills seminars’ and after a year of supervised independent research, culminates with the student’s submission of a dissertation.

During the first six months, candidates are encouraged to attend a series of guest seminars and dinners at which some of the most eminent names in the field present papers. This series of talks examines why and how modern wars are fought, and the principal influences that will affect the conduct of war – and Britain’s role – in the future.
see more information >

If you are Interested in any of the courses above, please contact Dr Julian Richards in the first instance to discuss your plans and aspirations.

Hunter Street
MK18 1EG

Tel: +44 (0) 7801 995007



Contact: Dr Julian Richards (Security Studies Specialist)

Products/Services :

  • Academic Qualifications
  • MA Course Global Affairs and Diplomacy
  • MA Course Intelligence History with Bletchley Park Studies
  • MA Course Security Intelligence & Diplomacy
  • MA Courses in Diplomacy
  • MA Courses in Global Affairs
  • MA Courses in Military History
  • MA Courses in Modern War Studies
  • MA Courses in Security and Intelligence Studies

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