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(zero tolerance of puncture problems)

The main activity of the OKO Group for many years has been the Development & Manufacture of “Preventative Tyre Sealants”. Other innovative products, OKO Pressure Check & OKO Protective Glove have been developed recently and now form part of the OKO Group Range of products.

The OKO Group is dedicated to innovation, the environment & Safety.

One of the biggest problems associated with tyres is the environmental problems concerned with the safe disposal of used tyres. The UK alone produces almost ¾ of a million tonnes of scrap tyres per annum. The cost associated with the disposal of these tyres is increasing. OKO Puncture Free keeps tyres serviceable for longer. Having tyres at the correct pressure also enables vehicles to use less fuel.

The OKO Puncture Free Tyre Sealants and OKO Pressure Check Tyre pressure monitor valves are designed to increase and extend the useful life of a tyre.

OKO Puncture Free
A liquid Tyre Sealant applied as a preventative to deflation BEFORE a pneumatic tyre is punctured. If a puncture occurs it provides an instant permanent seal. The specific formulations for both Off Road and On Road use are:

OKO Z7 For Off Road Use
OKO Puncture Free RTG for use in Trucks & Buses

OKO Puncture Free Speed Rated for Cars & Motorcycles

Because OKO Puncture Free prevents flat tyres by sealing punctures the moment they happen – forever, In whatever industry, in whatever vehicle, tubed or tubeless tyres can now be protected permanently against punctures.

OKO Puncture Free seals punctures the moment they happen, creating a permanent seal with negligible loss of air pressure. OKO will seal holes in the tyre tread area caused by puncturing objects up to 9mm in diameter.

In Off Road situations, on average 95% of punctures in the tread area of a tyre will be sealed by OKO Puncture Free.

“Eventually we would like to see manufacturers putting OKO Puncture Free into the tyres of their vehicles as original equipment “

Dick Flude- Plant & Transport Manager for Civil Engineering Projects
John Laing Construction Limited.

JCB, Manitou and many others fit OKO Puncture Free as OE and also sell the product into their distributor network world wide.

“I once counted over 100 holes in my front tyres after just six months, but apart from maintaining the pressure on rare occasions we had no down time caused by punctures.”
Tony Dawe- UK Agricultural Contractor

OKO puncture free - The Benefits:

  • Seals punctures instantly with a permanent and strong airtight seal
  • Eliminates expensive downtime of vehicles
  • Reduces expensive call-out charges and puncture repair costs
  • Increases the useful life of a tyre
  • Effective for all unballasted pneumatic tyres, tubed and tubeless
  • Thanks to its multi-sealing ability, it seals hole after hole, with minimum pressure loss, again and again
  • Reduces the damage of run-flat tyres
  • Helps combat tyre under-inflation
  • Suitable for all heavy vehicles and pneumatic tyres
  • OKO Puncture Free concentrate tyre sealant is safe to use and harmless to tyre structures & rubber
For more information or secure online ordering visit their website - or call their sales team on 0845 230 0277

P O Box
BH12 5YR

Tel: +44 (0)8700 112 335

Fax: +44 (0)1202 515 425



Products/Services :

  • Puncture Prevention
  • Puncture Protection
  • Tyre Sealant
  • Tyres

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