Thetis Class Corvette

The Thetis Class Corvettes, originally developed for the German Navy and first commissioned in 1961, is a class of naval vessel currently in service in the Hellenic Navy.


Similar in size to corvettes, all three vessels were built by Rolandwerft, Bremen.


The Thetis class carries a complement of 20mm and 40mm guns, Mk 46 Mod5 torpedoes and mines, and are equipped with sonar.


Recently, the A/S mortars have been replaced by a second 40mm gun and single torpedo tubes by triple mountings. Upgrades started in 2000 may have included enclosed 40mm gun mountings and Rheinmetall 20mm guns to replace the MGs.

THETIS CLASS Specifications
Country of Manufacture Germany
Number in Service Greece x 3
Crew 48
Armament 2 x 40mm guns. 6 x 324mm torpedoes
Length 70m
Beam 8.2m
Displacement 743 tonnes
Powerplant 2 x MAN V84V diesels; 6,800hp(m) (5MW)
Performance Max speed 20 knots Range 2,760 nm at 15 knots
First of Class 1961