The De Zeven ProvinciŽn class frigates are highly advanced air-defence frigates in service with the Koninklijke Marine (Royal Netherlands Navy).

The De Zeven ProvinciŽn class frigates are highly advanced air-defence frigates in service with the Royal Netherlands Navy.


This class of ships is also known as LCF (Luchtverdedigings- en commandofregat, air defence and command frigate).


These ships were built for air-defence but they also have weapons onboard to attack surface and submarine targets, for example: the Harpoon Missile and Mk. 46 Torpedoes. The ships are similar to the German Sachsen class frigates. For anti-air the ships are equipped with several weapons.

The first of class, Hr Ms De Zeven Provincien (F802), was commissioned in April 2002. Tromp (F803) was commissioned in March 2003, De Ruyter (F804) in April 2004 and Evertsen (F805) in June 2005.

The design of the ship incorporates stealth features with an emphasis on the reduction of radar cross section, infrared, acoustic, electrical and magnetic signatures.

Watertight compartments, insulation, redundancy of vital systems, power distribution, and routing, blast and fragmentation retaining structures provide a very high level of survivability against missile attack and fire hazards. For nuclear chemical and biological warfare protection the ship is subdivided into two gas citadels and a sub citadel.


The primary weapon is the Mk41 Vertical Launch System, each with 32 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile and 32 SM-2 IIIA. During ballistic missile tests in the Pacific ocean near Hawaii, the SMART-L long-range air and surface surveillance radar proved its range capability: 1500 km max. Because of these results, the Dutch Government has decided to equip all four ships with about 8 Standard SM-3 per ship. The decision has been made to buy 32 BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

There is a 27m flight deck at the stern of the ship and a hangar with accommodation for a single helicopter such as the AgustaWestland Lynx, which is currently in service with the Royal Netherlands Navy, or the NH90 naval helicopter.

Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Number in Service 4
Crew 30 officers and 200 other rates
Armament 2 x Goalkeeper CIWS, Harpoon SSM, Sea Sparrow SAM, SM-2IIIA SAM, 1 x Oto Melara 12 mm/54 gun, Mk41 VLS, 1 x Westland Lynx or NH90 helicopter
Length 144m
Beam 18.8m
Draught 5.1m
Displacement 6,050 tonnes
Powerplant 2 x Wartsila 16V6ST and 2 x Rolls Royce Spey SM1C gas turbines
Performance Max speed 29 knots Ė range 4,000 nm at 18 knots
First of Class 2000