Danish navy Niels Class F356 Peter Tordenskiold

The Niels class is a three-ship class currently in service with the Royal Danish Navy. They were built in Denmark at Aalborg Shipyard and were launched in the period 1978-1980. In 1998-2000 the three vessels had a mid-life update, as well as a large update on the electrical systems.

The three ships are named HDMS Niels Juel (F354), Olfert Fischer (F355) and Peter Tordenskiold (F356). All three vessels are named after famous Danish Admirals.

The Niels Class plays an active role in solving a wide spectrum of duties, including escort and protection of other vessels. Also among the various tasks for the corvettes are coast guard duties in Danish national waters, as well as intelligence gathering.

It is normal routine for the Danish ships to participate in international operations. On several occasions, the vessels have taken part in operations for NATO, UN, OSCE and coalition forces.

NIELS CLASS Specifications
Country of Manufacture Denmark
Number in Service 3
Crew 93
Armament Harpoon SSM, Sea Sparrow SAM, Stinger SAM, 1 x Oto Melara 76mm gun
Length 84m
Beam 10.3m
Draught 4.8m
Displacement 1,450 tonnes
Powerplant 1 x General Electric gas turbine and 1 x MTU diesel
Performance 30 knots
First of Class 1978