HMS Ocean

The HMS Ocean (L12) of the UK Royal Navy is a Amphibious assault ship, the only one in her class. She is designed to support amphibious landing operations and to support the staff of Commander UK Amphibious Force and Commander UK Landing Force.

She was constructed in the mid-1990s by Kværner (Govan) on the Clyde and fitted out at Barrow-in-Furness prior to first of class trials and subsequent acceptance in service.


She was commissioned in September 1998 at her home port Devonport, Plymouth, Devon.

Ocean was designed to provide the amphibious assault capabilities last offered by HMS Albion and Bulwark whilst in the Commando role. She can deploy an Embarked Military Force (EMF) of a Royal Marines Commando Group from 3 Commando Brigade supported by aviation and landing craft assets. The ships company includes 9 Assault Squadron from 1 Assault Group Royal Marines.

Ocean is also capable of limited Anti-Submarine Warfare activities, supporting afloat training and acting as a base facility for other embarked forces including Counter-terrorism units.

The air group of up to 12 Sea King HC-4 medium-lift helicopters, six Lynx AH-7 light-lift/anti-Tank helicopters, and four Mk5 landing craft is provided by the Commando Helicopter Force however she can also support the Westland WAH-64 Apache operated by the Army Air Corps and helicopters of the Royal Air Force including the Chinook.

Ocean can transport up to fifteen fixed wing Harrier aircraft of Joint Force Harrier in the ferry role, but is unable to operate as a fixed wing aircraft carrier.

OCEAN CLASS Specifications
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Number in Service 1
Crew 284 crew and 206 aircrew
Armament 3 x Phalanx CIWS, up to 18 helicopters, Merlin, Lynx, Sea King or Chinook, typically carrying 12 x Sea King HC4 and 6 x Lynx AH7 helicopters
Length 203m
Beam 35m
Draught 7m
Displacement 22,500 tonnes
Powerplant 2 × Crossley Pielstick diesel engines
Performance Speed 18 knots, range 8,000 miles
First of Class 1998