Sokol Class submarine

The Sokol Class is a version of the German Type 205 submarine customised for use by the Royal Norwegian Navy.

The Kobben class submarines are able to operate all over the world. They are equipped with modern NATO command and communication and fire control systems.


They are mainly used by German, Danish and South America`s navies.

The Kobben class submarines were built in Rheinstahl-Nordseewerke shipyard in Emden, Germany, in 1964 - 67. In 1990 - 1992 they were fully modernised and upfitted to the most recent NATO standards.



SOKOL CLASS Specifications
Country of Manufacture Germany
Number in Service 5
Crew 24
Armament 8 x 533mm torpedoes
Length 47m
Beam 4.7m
Draught 3.8m
Displacement 485 tonnes submerged
Powerplant 2 x MTU 1100 diesel engines, 1 x 1,700HP electric
Performance Speed 17 knots submerged range 141nm at 6 knots
First of Class 1964