Pelosi Class submarine

The Pelosi Class submarine is the third batch of the Sauro class submarine of the Italian Navy.


Built in Italy in the shipyards of Fincantieri of Monfalcone, they have replaced the submarines of the Toti class and the American Romei class.


The Sauro class were delivered in four batches to the Italian navy with every batch small modifications and improvements.


In order to increase to service life of the Sauro class six of the total of eight will be going through an upgrade process receiving new STN-Atlas Elektronik ISUS-90-20 combat data and control systems, new silencing measures, and new ship control systems.

  • First & Second Batch : Nazario Sauro class

  • Third Batch : Salvatore Pelosi class

  • Fourth Batch : Primo Longobardo class

PELOSI CLASS Specifications
Country of Manufacture Italy
Number in Service 2
Crew 45
Armament 12 x 533mm torpedoes
Length 63m
Beam 6.8m
Draught 5.7m
Displacement 1,641 tonnes submerged
Powerplant 1 x Shaft Diesel 3,200HP also 3,600 electric
Performance Speed 20 knots submerged range 7,000nm
First of Class 1988