S 71 Galerna - Galerna Calss submarine

The Galerna Class of submarines are Spanish built versions of the French Agosta 90B class of diesel attack submarines.

The Agosta class submarines are French diesel attack submarines (SSKs) used by Spain, Pakistan and formerly by France. The French Navy grouped this model of non-nuclear submarine in their most capable class as an océanique, meaning "ocean-going."



The 4 vessels currently in service with the Spanish Navy were built by Cartagena dockyard

  • Galerna (S 71) - completed 1983 - in service

  • Siroco (S 72) - completed 1983 - in service

  • Mistral (S 73) - completed 1985 - in service

  • Tramontana (S 74) - completed 1985 - in service

GALERNA CLASS Specifications
Country of Manufacture Spain
Number in Service 4
Crew 54
Armament SM 39 Exocet missiles, 21 533mm torpedoes
Length 67.6m
Beam 6.8m
Draught 5.5m
Displacement 1,740 tonnes submerged
Powerplant 2 x 3,600hp diesel engine, 2200kW electric motor
Performance 12 knots surfaced, 20 knots submerged, range 11,000 miles surfaced, 250 miles submerged, maximum depth 300m
First of Class 1981