TYPE 209 - T1100/T1200 CLASS


Greek Type 209 submarine

Type 209 is a diesel-electric attack submarine developed by Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG of Germany.


Five variants of this submarine have been produced: Type 209/1100, Type 209/1200, Type 209/1300, Type 209/1400 and Type 209/1500.


Countries operating the Type 209 include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Greece, India, Indonesia, Peru, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and Venezuela.

The first user was the Hellenic Navy which operates four Type 209/1100 and four Type 209/1200 submarines.

The biggest user is the Turkish Navy which operates six Type 209/1200 and eight Type 209/1400 submarines.

Type 209 submarines are generally armed with 14 torpedoes, apart from those used by Greece, South Korea and Turkey which are also armed with Sub-Harpoon missiles. It is also possible to upgrade these submarines with the latest air independent propulsion (AIP) systems. The three new South African Type 209/1400 submarines delivered in 2006 cost $285 million each.

TYPE 209 - T1100/T1200 CLASS Specifications
Country of Manufacture Germany
Number in Service 4 x T1100 and 4 x T1200 with Greece
Crew T1100 - 31, T1200 - 33
Armament 8 x 553 mm torpedo tubes with 14 torpedoes
Length T1100 54.4m T1200 55.9m
Beam 6.2m
Draught 6.2m
Displacement T1100 1,230 tons T1200 1,290 tons submerged
Powerplant 3.7MW diesel electric motor
Performance Speed 11 knots surfaced 21.5 knots submerged, range up to 450nm submerged, 10,000nm surfaced
First of Class 1967