RB-56 is an anti-armour missile (man portable short range surface to surface missile), manufactured by SAAB Bofors

The RB-56 is an anti-armour missile (man portable short range surface to surface missile), manufactured by SAAB Bofors.


It's primary role is to attack armoured targets at the weakest point, using the Overfly Top Attack trajectory.



However, due to the three firing modes, it can also engage and destroy hovering helicopters, non-armoured targets and soft targets, such as machine gun nests.


Usually operated by a crew of 2-4 men it can emplace/displace in less then 10 seconds.

The warhead has OTA ( Over-fly Top Attack) capabilities and contains both an optical and a magnetic sensor.


The optical (laser) sensor functions as a rangefinder, measuring the height of the target beneath the missile and profiling the target simultaneously.


The magnetic sensor measures metallic signatures and algorithms recognise the turret or centre of the target and determine the optimum position for the warheads to detonate. The missile has an inertial impact fuse for direct attack as well as a proximity fuse.

The missile (BILL II) has a double vertically striking shaped charge high explosive (HE) warhead. The two shaped charge jets are compensated to direct all the fragments of the jets downwards onto the same spot on the surface of the target. First, the front warhead destroys the reactive armour and then the rear warhead has free passage to penetrate the main body armour of the tank.

Prior to missile launch, the gunner can select any of the following three firing modes on the BILL I warhead:

  • Basic mode: the missile flies about 1.05m above the line of sight and hits the target from above. All sensors (magnetic and optical) are activated and the algorithms are optimised for a defined threat.

  • Non-armoured target mode: the missile flies along the line of sight. All sensors are disconnected. The impact fuse is selected.

  • Soft target mode: the missile flies on the same elevated flight path as in basic mode. The optical sensor is activated, the magnetic sensor deactivated. Special algorithms are used for warhead initiation. This mode can be adapted to suit customer requirements.

The Rb-56 can be deployed either by it's stand alone mount or in a vehicle. The Swedish Army use the Rb-56 in the "Pbv-401", the "Pvrbtgb-56", the "Pvbv-2062", and the trail vehicle "Strf-9056".

RB-56 Specifications
Type Man portable anti-tank missile
Manufacturer SAAB Bofors
Weight 11kg
Warhead 8kg Oktol
Length 90cm
Diameter 15m
Performance Range 150m - 2.2km, guidance wire guided SACLOS

Photo Copyright SAAB Bofors