Sea Wolf Block 2 Surface to Air Missile firing

Sea Wolf is a naval missile system designed and built by BAC, later to become British Aerospace (BAe) Dynamics (now MBDA).


It is an automated point-defence weapon system designed as a final line of defence against both sea-skimming and high angle anti-ship missiles and aircraft.


It has been fielded by the Royal Navy in GWS-25, GWS-26 (Guided Weapon System) and VLS (Vertical Launch Sea Wolf) forms.

Sea Wolf is powered by the Blackcap solid-fuel rocket to a maximum velocity of Mach 2 and can intercept targets in the range of 1000 to 6000m and 10 to 3000m in altitude.



The 14 kg warhead is a proximity fused HE-fragmenting type.


In the manually loaded form, the missiles are stored onboard in individual maintenance-free canisters, sealed until use and handled like a round of ammunition.

SEA WOLF Specifications
Type High speed close-range anti-missile missile
Manufacturer MBDA
Weight Block 1 79.8kg Block 2 140kg
Warhead 14kg blast fragmentation with proximity and contact fuses
Length Block 1 1.91m Block 2 3m
Diameter 0.18m
Wingspan 0.45m
Performance Speed Mach 2+, range 10km, Guidance Automatic Command to Line Sight (ACLOS)

Photo Copyright MBDA