Cutaway diagram of the Bolide missile used in the RBS-70 and RBS-90

The RBS-90 is a twin mount version of the RBS-70 one of Bofors most well-known and established air defence system ever.


This air defence missile system is operational in 13 customer countries all over the world.


In addition to the Army system, it is also operational in some countries in other services as Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.


The RBS-70 has been under constant improvement adapted to the most sophisticated future threat and using the latest solutions in missile technology.

For more information visit the page about the RBS-70

RBS-90 Specifications
Type Short range surface-to-air missile
Manufacturer Celsius AB, Bofors Missiles
Weight 15kg
Length 4.4ft (1.34m)
Diameter 0.4ft (0.11m)
Wingspan 1.1ft (0.34m)
Performance Max speed 1,920kmh, range 7km, guidance laser beam