Apside Surface to Air missiles (SAM)

Aspide is an Italian missile system developed from the US AIM-7E Sparrow medium range air-to-air missile.


It is suitable for both air-to-air and surface-to-air applications such as Spada, Skyguard, Albatros and Aramis air defence systems. Aspide missile entered service in 1987 with the Italian Armed Forces. PL-11 missile is a Chinese development of Aspide which is used on the F-8 fighter aircraft.


LY-60 air defence system is another development made in China based upon Aspide technology.

Aspide 2000 is an upgraded version of Aspide fitted with a new propulsion system and certain components that have been introduced to meet a threat that has evolved since the introduction of the missile. It is available for ground and ship-based air defence applications. In addition to Italy, Aspide 2000 has been sold to Spain.

ASPIDE Specifications
Type Medium range surface-to-air missile
Manufacturer Alenia
Weight 485lb (220kg)
Warhead 73lb (33kg) blast fragmentation with Doppler proximity and contact fuse
Length 12ft (3.7m)
Diameter 8in (210mm)
Wingspan 3ft 3in (1.0m)
Performance Speed Mach 4, range 75km, guidance semi-active radar