Sea Skua Anti-Ship Missile being fired from a UK Royal Navy Lynx

The Sea Skua is a British lightweight short range Air-to-Surface missile (ASM) designed use from helicopters against ships.


It is primarily used by the Royal Navy on the Lynx helicopter, although it can be ship launched and is in place as a shore battery and also on patrol boats in the Emirate of Kuwait.

With a weight at launch of only 147kg, a Lynx can carry up to four missiles simultaneously. The missile flies at high subsonic speed over ranges of 15.5 miles (25km).


It can be set to travel at one of four pre-selected heights, depending on the surface conditions. Near the target the missile climbs in altitude to a height where it can "acquire" the target.



The Sea Skua has semi-active radar guidance; the launching helicopter illuminates the target with its radar (originally the specially developed Ferranti Seaspray in the case of the Lynx), and the missile's homing head homes in on the reflected energy.


On impact it penetrates the hull of a ship before detonating the 62 lb (28 kg) blast fragmentation warhead.


SEA SKUA Specifications
Type Anti-ship guided missile
Manufacturer MBDA
Weight 147kg
Warhead 28kg blast fragmentation
Length 2.5m
Diameter 0.25m
Wingspan 0.72m
Performance Range > 25km, speed 1000km/h, guidance semi-active radar guidance

Photo Copyright MBDA