Launch of Otomat missile

The Otomat/Teseo is an Italian built anti-ship and coastal attack missile first built by the Italian company Oto Melara jointly with Matra and now European made by MBDA.

The name comes, for the first version, from the name of the two builders (OTO Melara MATra) and, for the last versions, from the Italian word for Theseus.

The Otomat is a long range anti-ship missile capable of reaching around 180km at an average speed of 1,000-1,100km/h.


It is stored and launched in a fibreglass box which weights 1,610kg fully loaded. This container has a rectangular shape to accommodate the fixed wings of the missile and an inclination of 15 degrees. At launch, the boosters propel the missile up to a height of 200m before the main engine starts and a descent to 20m is made. Otomat Mk2 missiles have a data-link for mid-course updates.


They are designed to strike their targets in a 180m dive or in a sea-skimming mode at an altitude of 2m with a 210kg warhead capable piercing up to 80mm of steel. The warhead is designed to explode inside the ship with the force of the explosion directed to the bottom of the target ship.

OTOMAT Specifications
Type Long range ship-borne anti-ship missile
Manufacturer MBDA
Weight 770kg
Warhead 210kg semi-armour piercing/HE Explosive type with impact and proximity fuse
Length 4.46m
Diameter 0.4m
Performance Range over 150km, speed high subsonic

Photo Courtesy MBDA