Apache is Europe's first operational conventional warhead air-to-ground missile which can be launched from outside of the range of all anti-aircraft defences. It can hit a variety of targets, day or night, and is fired from 140km away thus reducing the dangers for the pilot and crew. This stealthy air-to-ground standoff missile can be launched from the Mirage 2000, or the Rafale, both aircraft of the French Air Forces to neutralise enemy air bases and ensure the control of the skies necessary for troop deployment.

The Apache AP weighs 1,230kg and is powered by a TRI 60-30 turbojet, and is designed for carrying and ejecting ten KRISS sub-munitions to neutralise airfield runways. The detonation of each of the ten KRISS sub-munitions, which are designed to penetrate concrete, can be programmed in order to prevent repair work being carried out and thus neutralise the airfield for a longer period of time. The Apache AP is a stealth missile, with a low level of vulnerability achieved by its radar and infrared profiles (materials, shapes and propulsion), its contour hugging flight at very low altitude (weak signature "drowned out" by ground echoes) and the optimisation of its flight path with regard to defence systems (extremely detailed mission planning). The quality of its navigational abilities combine with its terminal accuracy to make it extremely effective.


The Apache system is at the base of the Scalp EG and Storm Shadow, notably for the aerodynamics and the stealth feature. The Scalp EG and Storm Shadow also have a different propulsion system as well as a different warhead. While the Scalp and Storm Shadow use a single high-penetration warhead, the Apache's effect is obtained by dispersal of 10 cluster submunitions.

Type Anti-runway cruise missile
Manufacturer MBDA
Weight 1230kg
Warhead 10 KRISS anti-runway sub-munition (50kg warhead each)
Length 5.1m
Diameter 1m
Wingspan 2.84m
Performance Range in excess of 100km
Propulsion TRI 60-30 turbojet