The Meteor Beyond visual range air-to-air Missile (BVRAAM) carried on Eurofighter Typhoon

Meteor is a new concept in air to air weapons, employing advanced air breathing motor technology and the latest electronics to deliver optimum combat performance.


It will provide Eurofighter with the capability to deal with projected air to air threats throughout the life of the aircraft.


Meteor will have the capability to engage multiple targets simultaneously, at greater range than current medium range air to air missiles and in all weathers, day or night.


It will complement Eurofighter's Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile (ASRAAM) capability.

Subject to agreement of a multi-national Memorandum of Understanding Meteor will be developed under a collaborative programme involving UK, Germany, Italy and Spain (the Eurofighter nations), France and possibly Sweden. Discussions have been conducted on the basis of the UK acting as the lead nation. The UK's decision in favour of Meteor opens the way for other nations to undertake their national approval processes leading to signature of a Memorandum of Understanding around the end of this year.

The Prime Contractor for Meteor is Matra BAe Dynamics (UK) Ltd leading a European consortium consisting of MBD - France; LFK (the missile company of Daimler Chrysler Aerospace) - Germany; Alenia Marconi Systems - Italy; CASA - Spain, and Saab Dynamics - Sweden (should Sweden decide to re-join the programme). Boeing are also involved with the consortium to provide marketing support in the USA and expertise on programme management. The consortium is responsible for defining work share between national industries based on technical excellence and best value for money rather than to any predetermined or directed formula.

Meteor is being developed to operate from three platforms: Eurofighter, Rafale and (assuming Swedish participation) Gripen. The missile will significantly enhance the capabilities of these aircraft and their sales potential.

The BVRAAM project is being managed by an Integrated Project Team within the Defence Procurement Agency, at the agency's headquarters at Abbey Wood, Bristol. The project incorporates key elements of the Smart Procurement Initiative, including an incentivised contract with industry, industry involvement in the DPA project team and the management of the project in partnership with industry.

Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile (BVRAAM) is intended to be the principle air-to-air weapon system for Eurofighter. The combination of Eurofighter and a missile whose range and no escape zone exceeds any other current or projected system over the next decade will ensure the enhanced capability of the RAF in any future conflict. BVRAAM is designed to provide performance, particularly kinematic performance, several times that of existing Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (MRAAMs). The increased performance will enable pilots to fully exploit the capabilities of their new aircraft and dominate long range air defence engagements in a manner that no lesser a solution can achieve.

METEOR Specifications
Type Beyond visual range air-to-air Missile (BVRAAM)
Manufacturer MBDA
Weight 204kg
Warhead Blast fragmentation
Length 3.67m
Diameter 0.178m
Wingspan 25in (650mm)
Performance Speed in excess of Mach 4, range in excess of 100 km
Propulsion Variable flow ducted rocket ramjet

Photo Courtesy BAe Systems