The Matra Super 530 is a French medium to short range air-to-air missile. The Super 530 series is an improved type of the Matra R530 missile, developed by Matra, now MBDA, for the French Air Force fighter aircraft such as Mirage 2000 and Mirage F1.

Super 530 maximum speed exceeds Mach 4 with an average speed above Mach 3 over distances of up to 40 kilometres.

The Super 530D retains the same general aerodynamic features and internal layout as its Super 530F predecessor, with cruciform low aspect ratio wings and cruciform aft controls. However, the stainless steel body is longer to accommodate a new radome & seeker assembly and a new and more powerful dual-thrust solid propellant motor. The missile is 3.80 metres long, has a body diameter of 263mm, a wing span of 0.62 metres and with the same warhead as the Super 530F missile, weighing 270 kg.

Guidance is by the mono-pulse AD26 CW Doppler semi-active seeker, which has improved ECCM capability, and improved capability against low-flying targets. The missile's guidance unit is also fitted with digital micro-processing, which enables the seeker to be reprogrammed against new threats. The missile has a claimed maximum interception altitude of 80,000 feet (24,400 metres), with a snap-up capability of 40,000 feet (12,200 metres), and a snap-down capability to targets at 200 feet (60 metres). The missile has a range of 40 km and a maximum speed of Mach 5.

R-530 Specifications
Type Medium range radar-guided air-to-air missile
Manufacturer Matra
Weight 275kg
Warhead 27kg blast fragmentation
Length 3.8m
Diameter 263mm
Performance Speed Mach 4.5, range 15km (radar) or 3km (IR), guidance semi-active radar or infrared