French M-45 Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM)

The M45 SLBM is the current standard French Navy's submarine launched ballistic missile (In French the MSBS - Mer-Sol-Ballistique-Stratégique (Sea-ground-Strategic ballistic missile). Around 200 M45 are in commission in the FOST, the submarine nuclear deterrent component of the French Navy.

The missiles, derived from the M4, are produced by Aerospatiale (now EADS SPACE Transportation). Initially, an ICBM land-based version was considered but these plans were discarded in 1996 to favour an all-naval deployment.

The M45 differs from its predecessor by its increased range (6000 km vs. 4000 km), its increased accuracy and penetration capabilities and its new TN 75 warheads. Each missile carries six MIRVs, each armed with a thermonuclear warhead of 100 kT.

The M45 has a reported accuracy of 350 m CEP using an inertial guidance system coupled with computer payload control. It will be succeeded by the M51 SLBM.

M-45 (SLBM) Specifications
Type Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile
Manufacturer EADS SPACE Transportation
Weight Total 35,000kg
Warhead Six 150kt TN 75
Length 11m
Diameter 1.9m
Performance Range 4,000km - 6,000km, guidance Inertial plus computer payload control, CEP 350m
Propulsion Three stage solid propellant