Danish Army M113

The M113 is a lightly armoured full tracked air transportable personnel carrier designed to carry personnel and certain types of cargo.

The M113-family was developed the from M59 and M75 which were designed by FMC (Food Machinery Corp) in the late 1950s.

The vehicle is capable of: amphibious operations in streams and lakes; extended cross country travel over rough terrain; and high speed operation on improved roads and highways.

The M113 introduced new aluminium armour that made the vehicle much lighter than earlier vehicles. Thick enough to protect the crew and passengers against small arms fire but light enough that the vehicle was air transportable and moderately amphibious.


The M113 Family includes approximately 12 variants of light armoured tracked vehicles used in a variety of combat and combat support roles

M-113 Specifications
Type Tracked light armoured personnel carrier
Manufacturer BAe Systems
Crew 2 + 11 troops
Armament Various including 0.5in machine gun, 20mm cannon, two TOW anti-tank missiles
Length 4.8m
Height 2.5m
Width 2.7m
Weight 12.5 tonnes
Powerplant Detroit Diesel 6V53T engine producing 275hp (104kW)
Performance Max speed 66km/h, range 480km
Variants M113A3 Armoured Personnel Carrier, M113A2 Armoured Personnel Carrier, M1068A3 Standard Integrated Command Post Vehicle, M1068 Standard Integrated Command Post Vehicle, M113A3M/R Maintenance Recovery Vehicle, M1064A3 20mm Mortar Carrier, M1064 120mm Mortar Carrier, M577A3 Command Post Vehicle, M577A2 Command Post Vehicle, M58 Smoke Vehicle, M125 81mm Mortar Carrier, M106A2 4.2 inch Mortar Carrier, M901A3 Improved TOW Vehicle, M981 Fire Support Team Vehicle, M548A3 Cargo Carrier, M548A1 Cargo Carrier, M730A2 Chaparral Carrier